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Get to know Ultimate Safaris Namibia

The total exclusivity of Ultimate Safaris' Journeys Under Canvas
is an incomparable luxury

This week we'll explore what's new with Ultimate Safaris in Namibia, including their Journey Under Canvas Camps, their amazing Journeysmiths and more!

Kusini has been proudly representing Ultimate Safaris in Namibia since 2012. With Namibia's strongest and most talented on-staff guiding team, superior, custom-designed safari vehicles and their own Journeys Under Canvas camps in Damaraland and Sossusvlei, they continue to go from strength to strength with each passing year. Below are the latest updates from the Ultimate tribe in Namibia . . .


NEW AND NOTEWORTHY - latest travel innovations from Ultimate

Journeys Under Canvas camps - //Huab and Sossus 

//Huab truly blends in to its environment
For years, Ultimate has been pioneering Journeys Under Canvas throughout Namibia. But with the opening of their two new semi-permanent //Huab and Sossus 'Under Canvas' camps, adding an authentic under canvas experience in Namibia is now far simpler. Both camps are set in amazing locations, offer rustic but very comfortable accommodation and, most importantly, are booked on an exclusive use basis only,whether for 2 or 20 pax.

Tucked into a cool mopane grove along an ephemral river, //Huab Under Canvas is one of the best places in northwestern Namibia to trek to see black rhino. With comfortable cots, flush loos and bucket showers, there are no extra frills to distract from the awesome nature surrounding the camp. However, there is no compromise on the five-star quality of the food, wine and the exceptional guiding!

Tracking desert-adapted rhino is a major highlight of any visit - it takes place in a completely private conservancy with the highest tracking success rate in northwestern Namibia! Guests can also search for desert-adapted elephants, enjoy nature walks and drives and visit nearby prehistoric rock engravings. Make an armchair visit to //Huab in its early days with Ultimate Sales Director Birgit Bekker here.
One of Sossus' comfortable, thoughtfully designed tents

A few weeks ago, Ultimate introduced //Huab's sister camp, Sossus Under Canvas, ideally located on the private 24,000 hectare Neuhof Nature Reserve just thirty minutes' drive from the gateway to Sossusvlei.

Ultimate took every success from //Huab Under Canvas including its incredible exclusivity and integrated them into Sosus, while upgrading bedding and adding some new and innovative recycled design elements to ensure guests' comfort in the harsh desert environment.

Activities include visiting the Sossusvlei dunes and Deadvlei, nature walks and drives, magic moments in desert pools (ask Tad for details!) and incredible star gazing. For stays of 3 or more nights (which we definitely recommend!), there is also the opportunity to visit the Neuhof Plateau which offers some of the best views over the Namib Desert. Game viewing on the reserve is also quite good. On Tad's recent visit,  big herds of springbok, oryx, mountain and plains zebra were all spotted plus giraffe, jackals and even bat eared foxes!

Journeys Under The Stars . . . 

The scene set for a 'Stellar Escape' under Namibia's
glittering skies
Ultimate has created a one night Stellar Escape available at both //Huab and Sossus, where guests spend a night under Namibia's gobsmacking night skies, completely in the open.

For an even more adventurous time in the bush, guests staying 3 or more nights can opt for time on a Trails excursion at either camp - two days of hiking and one night of sleeping under the stars. They'll have the concession completely to themselves where they can enjoy the vastness, solitude and magnitude of nature during their exploration.


A lemonade stop is the perfect respite from the heat.
Photo by Bill Gozansky.
It's the little things - Trail Treats! 

For all guests, Ultimate's 'Trail Treats' are a source of surprise and delight! Imagine finishing a rhino trek and heading back to camp, only to be waylaid by an ice cream stand in the middle of nowhere! Or coming across a bend on a nature walk to find a lemonade stand in the middle of the desert - what could be better than an ice cold drink stop? Other surprises are known to pop up along the way too - your guests won't know what to expect!


The new, very remote Hoanib Valley Camp opening Jun 2018
New camps/lodges elsewhere in Namibia

Naturally, we're most excited about Ultimate's new camps, but we're also eagerly anticipating the opening of Shipwreck Lodge - located on the beach on the Skeleton Coast - Hoanib Valley Camp (both opening in June 2018) and The Desert Grace (opening November 2018). With availability at a premium in Namibia, especially in Damaraland, these new lodges are a very welcome addition!


Planning safaris is fun if not always glamorous
THE ULTIMATE TRIBE - meet the Journeysmiths!

The tribe at Ultimate Safaris is known for being the best in Namibia. Ultimate's guides are the have incredible depth of knowledge, fantastic personalities and impressive problem-solving skills. But it's the Ultimate Safaris Journeysmiths that are the unsung heroes. The team is a huge part of what makes Ultimate special - arranging safaris that are so perfectly executed - but they never get tips, never get evaluation sheets and never see the guests. It might be the least glamorous job, but it's one of the most important!

There's plenty to keep travelers occupied in Doha
during a layover
New flight connections to Namibia - 
making life easier!

In recent years, the number and frequency of direct international flights to Namibia has increased, making it easier than ever to visit. Check out the Kusini blog for a round-up of the new international flights as well as a few of our favorite regional flights. Some of the long-haul flights have longer layovers, but we think they provide a good chance to explore a bit and to reduce jet lag en route!

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