Monday, February 19, 2018

Dining at The Manta Resort

Some years ago, Rashid Faki was a security guard at The Manta Resort, with a curiosity for cooking. When he asked if he could spend his time off learning how to cook, he was welcomed in the kitchen. This speaks volumes to the wholesome family style that embodies Manta and helps grow the staff - for today, when you visit, you'll have the pure pleasure of tasting CHEF Rashid's creations!

With help of a visiting Swedish chef, they've spent time polishing skills and dreaming up menus. Each and every meal is subtly infused with the flavors found on the island - cloves, cardamom, coconut, cinnamon and so much more! At lunch and dinner you will always have the option of fish, meat, and vegan! We also think it's great that the resort does not offer pork, wholly respecting the customs and culture of the locals. Whether you are dining on the beach, the terrace, or at the Underwater Room, you're taste buds and belly will be delighted!

If you're ready to be ravenous, you can view a week-long sample lunch and dinner menu here.

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