Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Citizen biologists in Baja California Sur

Todos Santos Eco Adventures is offering a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to work with local biologists on the coast of the Pacific to protect endangered olive ridley marine turtles. Each night volunteers and biologists patrol the beach, watching for the 100-pound female turtles as they haul their bodies out of the ocean and make their way to the ideal nesting spot. Each female will leave 90-120 white ping-pong shaped eggs in a sandy hole, camouflage the nest with a characteristic belly dance, then leave the offspring to chance. That’s where guests come in. Predators, coastal development and illegal poaching all threaten sea turtle populations throughout the world. At this sea turtle research station your travelers can help combat declining populations by volunteering with biologists as they collect the eggs and relocate them to a protective nursery.

The price for Sea Turtle Camp is $125/person based on double occupancy and includes:
  • Roundtrip transfer Sea Turtle Camp / Todos Santos*
  • One night in tent accommodations with sleeping bags and thermarests
  • Dinner, bonfire and breakfast (sorry, no alcohol at Turtle Camp)
  • Biologist briefing and orientation; review of research objectives
  • Night patrol on foot, relocation of eggs, hatchling release when available
  • Bilingual guide/driver who is a certified Wilderness First Responder 
The price also covers supplies for the biologists who work full time at Sea Turtle Camp.

Because of the donations of previous volunteers, the biologists at Sea Turtle Camp now have a Garmin GPD, a GoPro camera and many other supplies to help them with their research. In addition, we were able to help send the two lead biologists to the International Sea Turtle Symposium in New Orleans to present their research and share ideas with turtle conservationists from around the globe. Donations from new volunteers will help ensure that this great work can continue.

2018 Sea Turtle Camp Dates

September 14, 15, 28, 29
October 5, 6, 12, 13

A night or two at Sea Turtle Camp is perfect as part of a more extensive program including time in Todos Santos and surrounds! Contact Bryan at Todos Santos Eco Adventures to check availability and to book.

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