Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New horse safaris in Zim, Cape Town drought update and new Amazon safari

Imvelo's new horse riding activities are geared towards all types of riders -
beginner to expert!

What's happening this week in the Kusini Collection:

An impromptu golf game was followed by a surprise dinner
on the 16th tee arranged by Albatros!
Albatros Travel & The Manta Resort: Sonya and a group of intrepid North American agents are spending time with Albatros Travel  investigating some of Tanzania's finest properties (Siringit Villa, Little Chem Chem, Manyara Ranch, Kisima Ngeda, Entamanu Ngorongoro and Serian Serengeti South & Mobile camps...envious yet?). If you need a quick escape from your day, you can see what they're up to on Instagram. Oh - and there's icing on that lovely safari cake, as they'll be finishing up their time in Tanzania with three nights at The Manta Resort, which should give them plenty of time to catch on to Pemba's lovely rhythm. We're not jealous at all...

VIDEO: We can't wait to saddle up for horse rides with
Imvelo in Hwange!
Imvelo Safari Lodges: We're excited to share that Imvelo Safari Lodges has announced a new horse riding activity for guests at Bomani or Camelthorn! The first activity of its kind in Southern Hwange, seven magnificent and well-trained horses are making their way to their new stables, and are ready for horse safaris to kick off on March 1. A variety of rides are available, catering for any type of rider - beginner to advanced - and even include a cultural ride option. With a max of four riders on any outing, it is an exclusive experience. Check out the fact sheet for more information, or direct questions to Hayley F.

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge has a fresh new look
Classic Africa Safaris: Classic Africa Safaris reports that Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge was progressively renovated throughout 2017, and all areas have fully reopened. The lodge now features a redesigned guest lounge and dining area that bring the feel of the forest into the stylish interior. The main living area has a cozy fireplace, while a newly designed outdoor terrace gives dramatic views of the forest. The eight bandas have been been restyled with warm luxurious interiors and inviting four poster beds, while a new spa is due to open by the end of March. More details and photos can be found on The Kusini Blog.

Tourists are still welcome in the Western Cape despite the
current drought
New Frontiers: Cape Town and the Western Cape are open for business in spite of the current significant drought. A water-scarce part of the world, the Western Cape is vulnerable to the effects of climate change and is susceptible to periodic droughts. To counter the short-term effects of the drought and the possibility of running out of water, the city has put in place a number of initiatives to increase the supply of water and make provisions for extreme water shortages. Full details including a helpful FAQ are available on the New Frontiers Agent Zone.

Tropic's new 'Overland' journeys explore Ecuador's
rich biodiversity
Tropic Ecuador: Tropic Ecuador has crafted new 'Ecuador Overland' options for your travelers. The Amazon Safari starts in the Andes at 3,000 meters, and journeys down 2,500 meters into the Amazon basin, exploring Ecuador's incredible biodiversity. Guests will witness life in the Andes - land of condors and alpine moors - then descend into the mystical cloud forest - land of hummingbirds and orchids - and reach the Amazon - land of culture, rain forest and wildlife. The vehicle-based Amazon Safari is a chance for your travelers to discover the 'real' Ecuador.

Breaching humpbacks are a highlight of Baja California
Sur's whale season
Todos Santos Eco Adventures: Whale watching season is underway in the Mexican Pacific and "Baja California Sur is the place to be!" Travel Agent Magazine interviewed Todos Santos Eco Adventures' Bryan Jauregui for tips on the arrival times of the various whale species (including blue, gray, humpback, fin, minke and pilots), along with best time of year to visit. They also asked about the best, most intimate places to stay - which of course led to a discussion about Los Colibris Casitas and Camp Cecil! Space is at a premium, but if you have keen travelers, contact Bryan to check availability!

Ethiopian Airlines' new routes will give travelers
more options
Travel Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines is planning to launch ten new international flight destinations in the coming six months. Travel Ethiopia has let us know that Ethiopian plans to introduce a new long-haul flight to Chicago or Houston in the US in June 2018, giving travelers outside of the east coast easier options to reach the African continent. In addition, Ethiopian will also open new routes to Geneva, Barcelona, Kisangani (DRC), Toamasina (Madagascar), Port Louis (Mauritius) and more.

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