Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New cheetah cubs in Hwange!

Fantastic news from Imvelo Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe - 'supermom' Queenie has a new litter of cheetah cubs! On a glorious game drive last week, the very first sightings of Queenie with her 4 new adorable cubs were enjoyed with much excitement and fascination! The tiny cubs proved to be very photogenic while playing on the lush green plains and proud mum Queenie watched cautiously over her little brood!

What a delight it has been to watch Queenie through the years, her tale, one of true triumph as a mom, she certainly has provided many Bomani and Camelthorn guests with hours of entertainment with her different litters. This green season, guests traveling through Imvelo's camps in the southeastern part of Hwange National Park will not be disappointed! The area is lucky enough to boast one of the highest concentrations of cheetah in Hwange, and Queenie certainly leads the pack in beauty, elegance and mothering skills!

Queenie’s first litter of 3 cubs was spotted in July 2014, and then right in the middle of the Bomani concession in May 2016, guests got the first look at her second litter of 5 cubs, which she had birthed on the concession a few weeks earlier. Lucky visitors and Imvelo staff watched her determinedly teaching the youngsters their serious trade, and remarkably 4 of the cubs survived and were frequently seen growing up on the concession. This beautiful little family gave some magical moments, notably setting a new southern African record of 5 cheetah in a tree! (at least until proved otherwise!)

Soon after that it was time for her second litter to disperse and her honeymooning period began but, the now 3 surviving young adults are still regularly spotted in and around Imvelo's concession, strong and healthy!

Everyone was hoping see this amazing supermom again, and so it was with enormous excitement last week that Queenie and her 4 new picture-perfect cubs were seen among the palm-dotted plains on the Bomani concession! These endearing little ones are about 6-8 weeks old and this will be one of their first appearances to the world and Imvelo staff are humbled and so very happy to be the first to have seen this new cheetah tribe and to have had another birth on their concession!

This certainly is one of the highlights of the year in Hwange! Keep an eye on Imvelo's Facebook page for more wonderful images and tales of this supermom and her beautiful baby cubs! Well done Queenie, you have done it yet again!

New litter photos by Bomani Tented Camp manager Desnee Joseph.

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