Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bacalao in Baja!

Love it or hate it, we’re serving up Bacalao in Baja!

There is perhaps no more iconic food for Christmas celebrations around Mexico than Bacalao. When families gather on the Noche Buena (December 24th) to socialize, play games, drink and eat, you’ll find this traditional dish being served at midnight. Originally from Spain, Mexican families have put their own twist on it over the years. In fact, Iker Algorri, the talented chef from Los Colibris Casitas in Todos Santos, ordered bacalao when traveling through Spain this year – he was astounded by the difference (and secretly admitted he prefers the Mexican version to it’s original!). Thanks to Iker, and Bryan from Todos Santos Eco Adventures, we’re sharing tips to prepare it!

Toward the end of November shops shelves across the country will be stocked with the basic form of bacalao, chunks of salted and dehydrated cod. We are cautioned to ensure that the skin is on the fish when selecting your pieces. This ensures you are buying cod and not being swindled into buying shark – a look alike!

Once you have it home, you’ll need to soak it for a day or two in water to hydrate it. Attention: the odor is reportedly powerful, to put it nicely. Following this soaking, the fish will need to be deboned and skinned and rinsed several times. While the prepared fish rests, it’s time to make the salsa!
Using basic ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, simmered with green olives, and chiles güeros (a particular type spicy of yellow pepper) each family adjusts to create their own flavor. Once the salsa is just right to balance the saltiness of the cod, the two are combined to make bacalao!

Traditionally, the bacalao is paired with romeritos con mole (sometimes called Aztec spinach), and dried shrimp. Wash this down with the seasonal Noche Buena beer and enjoy the holiday! 

The Awesome Team at Todos Santos Eco Adventures!

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