Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Frontiers offers St Helena adventures, off-the-beaten-path Ethiopia and insider's CCF

It would be hard to get further away from it all than St Helena island - one
of the world's most remote. Photo courtesy St Helena Tourism

 What's happening this week in the Kusini Collection:

Hiking to the summit of Diana's Peak rewards travelers with
breathtaking views. Photo St Helena Tourism.
New Frontiers: Craggy, volcanic St Helena isn't a beach destination, but it has dramatic scenery, a rich and varied history, engaging people and excellent guides. New Frontiers is proud to launch an FIT program to St Helena - one of the most remote islands in the world! After a year of testing, commercial flights have been cleared to fly into the island's new airport - the first ever link by air. For the 500-odd years that the island has been inhabited, the only way to reach it has been by ship - a 6 day journey. New Frontiers is delighted to have a dedicated guide on the island for your intrepid clients. Learn more about discovering St Helena here.

The views along are reason enough to visit Gheralta Lodge.
Photo Gretchen Healey.
Travel Ethiopia: An incredibly scenic drive east from Axum transports travelers through the jagged Adwa Mountains and into Ethiopia's Tigray region. Visitors would be forgiven for mistaking the area's stunning scenery for Utah or Arizona, as well as for staring endlessly out the windows to soak in its beauty. The ultimate goal for most guests is to see the region's rock-hewn churches, most of which are carved into cliff sides, and those that can be seen require a short walk at a minimum, while some involve strenuous climbs. Learn more about a visit with Travel Ethiopia to this blissfully under-touristed area here.

VIDEO: See what adventures await your clients with these
great new videos from Costa Rica Sun Tours

Costa Rica Sun Tours: The team at Costa Rica Sun Tours continues to innovate on many levels - most recently producing three videos to help you share the beauty of Costa Rica, the adventures to be had, and the best guides who make it all happen for your travelers! Feel free to use these short, unbranded promotional videos in your online marketing efforts. If you'd like additional information or to talk through itinerary ideas, have a look through the Travel Trade area of our website or contact us!

Manta's Underwater Room is always full of surprises!
The Manta Resort: You never know what you might see during a stay at The Manta Resort's Underwater Room! Last week the marine conservation team installed a sonde. This probe instrument automatically captures the temperature, salinity and turbidity of the water every 15 minutes for analysis and to set baseline data points for the conservation area and surrounding ocean. This remarkable sighting of an octopus making its way across one of the underwater windows was captured on the day of installation. Contact us for details on how to book a stay!

Few people realize walking is an option on Tanzania's
Northern Circuit
Albatros Travel: There are a number of walking options available in Tanzania, especially in the Selous and Ruaha, where your clients can walk among big game. Albatros East Africa also reminds us that it is possible to walk in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania, where visitors will find dramatic scenery, enjoy cultural interactions with the Maasai, and have great wildlife experiences. Their 'Walk in the Wild' takes your clients from Ngorongoro Crater, past Empakai Crater and then down the escarpment to the shores of Lake Natron, with an optional ascent of the active volcano of Oldonyo Lengai. Send us an email to request the full itinerary or contact Jennie with questions.

Lodge visitors get an insider's view into CCF operations
Ultimate Safaris: Cheetah-mad travelers have a new option when visiting Namibia. The Cheetah View Lodge affords visitors the chance to see the Cheetah Conservation Fund's (CCF) conservation work in action. While a day visit to the CCF center is possible, Ultimate Safaris recommends that true aficionados spend a night at the lodge to get the full experience. Guests can visit the state-of-the-art genetics lab, taste delicious locally produced goats' cheese products at the local creamery, enjoy a variety of activities and learn more about cheetah conservation! Full review here.

The revamped airport has exponentially increased travelers'
Imvelo Safari Lodges: With the recent expansion and refurbishment of Victoria Falls International Airport, there are now 4 airlines and over 30 flights a week flying into VFA! Imvelo Safari Lodges wanted to make sure operators have all the relevant information required to make the booking process as straightforward as possible while providing recommendations on the best routings for onward transfers to their various camps in Hwange National Park to ensure the best guest experiences. Visit our blog for the full rundown of transportation options.

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