Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dining with elephants, South Africa's best kosher camp and avocado smoothies

Meals at Imvelo Safari Lodges' remote Jozibanini Camp are reminiscent of
safari days of old

One of the things we love most about travel is discovering a country's culinary treasures. Eating the local food is integral to getting to know a place. For the next two weeks, we'll explore the flavors of the destinations in the Kusini Collection.

They save the best for last - avocado tasting!
Maya Trails: The avocado is the darling of health food nuts and gourmands alike. But where did it come from? How does it make it to your table? Maya Trails has a fascinating tour that answers those questions and satisfies the craving for creamy green goodness. The tour visits a local farm in Antigua, Guatemala where visitors will learn about the origin of the fruit and the process of avocado cultivation. The activity includes a guacamole tasting (complete with fresh tortillas), topped off with an avocado smoothie. This is just one of Maya Trails' delectable food-focused activities on offer. Email Adriana for information on other foodie fun!

The food is delicious, but go for the epic mountain views
Travel Ethiopia: Ethiopian food is delicious and unique. Meats, veggies and beans are served on a communal plate and scooped up by hand with a spongy, sour bread made from the teff grain. We can't get enough of it! A few years back, we discovered a favorite option that is unique in a different way. Ben Abeba is one of the most unusual structures we've come across, and perched on a cliff side in Lalibela, it's also one of the most scenic. We are sure to ask Travel Ethiopia to make a reservation every time we're visiting - both for the food (Ethiopian and Western-style meals are available) and for the breathtaking views of Lalibela and the surrounding mountains.

Your kosher guests won't have to give a thought to their meals
at Kings Camp - they can just enjoy them!
New Frontiers: Kosher clients looking for an African safari? New Frontiers recommends a stay at South Africa's Kings Camp, where kosher is king! Kings offers travelers the chance to indulge in top-quality, gourmet kosher cuisine prepared on site, under the strictest Kashrut regulations. All catering is done through a licensed Mashgiach in their fully-equipped kosher kitchen, which has been certified by the Beth-Din Council of South Africa. Meat and other products, as well as wines, juices, beers and other drinks are fully kosher. New Frontiers will establish your client's specific needs prior to arrival to assure a seamless stay, so they can relax and enjoy their safari.

If you imagine it, Chem Chem will do it
Albatros Travel: Food on safari is almost universally lovely and often over-the-top abundant, and it's hard to reign oneself in when so much is on offer. Tanzania's Chem Chem ups the ante with the opportunity for guests to dine in a different location each night. From where to have dinner to whom to share it with, the choice is up to the guest. The evening can be as private as they wish or more convivial with other travelers. Albatros Travel finds that guests enjoy private sundowners on the shores of Lake Manyara followed by a memorable meal under the stars. There's no resisting temptation under African skies!

Travelers never mind the uninvited dinner guests at Nehimba
Imvelo Safari Lodge: There's tremendous excitement on any safari with Imvelo Safari Lodges, but one highlight is dinner at Nehimba Lodge, where more often than not, you'll find yourself dining with uninvited guests. Elephants frequent the camp to drink from the pool, after passing a waterhole they routinely ignore. It makes for one of the most unforgettable meals of a lifetime! Another Imvelo dining highlight are the campfire-side meals at Jozibanini Camp in Hwange's remote south. It's just you, your guide, and the wildlife under a blanket of stars! Contact Hayley for more information on a Zimbabwe safari with Imvelo!

A traditional farm lunch is a great way to experience local
'tico' flavor
Costa Rica Sun Tours: If you're looking for a way to incorporate some local 'tico' flavor into your clients' Costa Rica tour, look no further than this 3 day/2night module near Arenal Volcano. Costa Rica Sun Tours have forged strong relationships with the families who run the coffee and traditional farm lunch experiences. Your guests will journey towards the Central mountain range to visit a coffee plantation where they learn about cultivation and processing (and enjoy a tasty cup, of course!). The following day, we'll include a farm visit and typical lunch at Arenal Vida Campesina, focused on sustainability and community involvement. Click here or contact us for more information!

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