Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Costa Rica's Corcovado National Park

Located on the Osa Peninsula, in the south Pacific of Costa Rica the Corcovado National Park is one of the most amazing places Costa Rica has to offer. Its 429 square kilometers of protected forest are part of the Osa Conservation Area. National Geographic has called it "the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity." Not only is the park very popular with tropical ecologists, a visitor can expect to see an abundance of wildlife. It is not easy to get to Corcovado, which is one of the reasons why it remains "off the beaten path".

Impressive fauna encounters in Corcovado

Also known as cougar, panther or mountain lion, pumas are solitary cats and have the largest ranges of all wild terrestrial mammals in the Western Hemisphere. Their range extends from Canada's Yukon to the southern Andes in South America. Pumas are classed as ‘Near Threatened’ by the IUCN. The total breeding population of pumas is less than 50,000 individuals and continues to decline.

Costa Rica is home to six different kinds of wild cats. Although thousands of visitors take to the country’s hiking trails each day, the chances of spotting one of these elusive, nocturnal felines is slim to none. Pumas can be seen in Corcovado National Park, Santa Rosa Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve; and Cerro de la Muerte.

Last month two groups of travelers visiting the park with Costa Rica Sun Tours (CRST) had the opportunity, on different dates, to enjoy the uncommon but wonderful experience of seeing a puma in its natural habitat. Alex Arias, one of CRST's experienced guides, spotted the pumas and guests were able to take pictures and admire the greatness of this cat.

Options Costa Rica Sun Tours offer to include Corcovado are:

  • Day trip to San Pedrillo Station from Drake Bay Lodges.
  • Day trip to Sirena Ranger Station from Drake Bay Lodges.
  • Charter flights in/out of the airstrip at Sirena for either a day trip or an overnight trip.
  • Day hike from Los Patos to the Sirena Ranger Station with overnight stay.
  • Day hike from Carate/Madrigal to the Sirena Ranger Station with overnight stay
  • Any of these options can be customized for your clients. Accomodations and meal service at the Sirena Station have recently been upgraded however it is still dormitory style.

Enjoy these impressive pictures and contact Costa Rica Sun Tours for more information about trips into Corcovado.

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