Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sleepouts at Huab, Elephant Express railcar and Laikipia is hot!

Discover the attractions of land-based Galapagos travel on Tropic's webinar!
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 What's happening this week in the Kusini Collection:

WATCH: New Frontiers' Skypass webinar video
New Frontiers: The new 'Skypass' program, a partnership between New Frontiers and SA Airlink, is exclusive to New Frontiers clients and offers guaranteed fares and great savings throughout Southern Africa. The flying circuits take your travelers beyond Cape Town - Kruger - Vic Falls, easily adding destinations by air which are time consuming by vehicle. Also check out the handy plug-in itineraries for lesser known stops like George/Garden Route and Durban/KZN, or you can work with New Frontiers to customize a stay. Check out all the Skypass details here and watch our webinar here.

Albatros Travel: Laikipia, Kenya continues to top hot lists for 2017. With its diversity of lodging, experiences, activities and wildlife (including East Africa's largest black rhino population), travelers can easily spend a week in the area. As it is malaria-free, it is especially good for families, and hand-in-hand community and conservation work in the region makes for a good story for all visitors. For those visiting multiple areas in Kenya, Albatros Travel likes a combination of the luxurious Segera Retreat in Laikipia with Angama Mara to give travelers a taste of the Out of Africa story. Gretchen was recently there and Tad will be visiting in March!

Guests love transferring between Imvelo properties via rail car
Imvelo Safari Lodges: Imvelo Safari Lodges' Elephant Express railcar has been operating for guest transfers to Bomani and Camelthorn for nearly two years now! Finishes are comfortable and elegant, including individual seating, a chemical toilet, teak tables, and plenty of luggage space. Drinks and snacks are provided en route so guests can nosh while game viewing. The transfers allow guests to experience the romance of railway travel in a decidedly more comfortable manner than passengers of yesteryear! Timing is important to consider, so check our blog for a reminder of how to best incorporate the rail car into itineraries.

Classic Africa Safaris: Uganda travelers looking to stretch their legs en route to Murchison Falls NP can request a stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is home to Uganda's only rhinos, so a visit can help checklisters tick off Africa's Big 5 in Uganda. Ziwa offers a number of activities including rhino trekking, bird watching and nature walks. Guests who wish to trek rhino on foot need to overnight at nearby Amuka Safari Lodge, as treks only take place in early morning or late afternoon. The Sanctuary's ultimate goal is to reintroduce rhinos into the wild in Uganda. Visits to the facility help further that goal. Ask Classic Africa Safaris about a visit for your clients.

Guests at Ultimate's //Huab Under Canvas will have the option
to sleep out later this year
Ultimate Safaris: Ultimate Safaris' annual guide training takes place between January and March every year. Half of Ultimate's talented guides have headed out to //Huab for training with their full-time guide trainer Vernon Swanepoel. While out in the field, they will meet up with desert-adapted rhino and elephant experts as well as a geologist. They have also spent time scouting out brilliant sleep-out options from //Huab Under Canvas and crafting a special multi-day walking expedition, both to be launched during 2017 - stay tuned! More photos here.

Todos Santos Eco Adventures: What to do with a free day in Baja California Sur? Earlier this week, guests of Todos Santos Eco Adventures made the most of an unscheduled day on vacation! They went fishing in the morning, participated in a turtle hatchling release in the afternoon, indulged in a mezcal tasting with experts before dinner, then went to a local Todos Santos restaurant where the chef made sushi and sashimi with their fresh-caught fish. What a day in the life of Baja! Contact Bryan to design an one-of-a-kind Baja day for your clients!

WATCH: Watch Tropic's Galapagos by Land webinar video
Tropic Ecuador: If you missed Tropic Ecuador's 'Galapagos By Land' webinar last week, you're not out of luck! We have a replay available. View at your convenience to explore the many options for land-based adventures - from unique, boutique lodges and tented camps to luxury seaside villas. A recent concept in the Galapagos, land-based travel allows visitors see a side of the Islands that most people don't experience. Tropic continues to work with local people to make tourism sustainable and to ensure the preservation of the Galapagos' incredible natural heritage.

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