Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Looking for that perfect photo?

Playful sea lions are just one of the underwater subjects ready to pose in the Sea of Cortez!
Photo: Colin Ruggiero

This week, we look at the wide variety of photography travel opportunities available with our partners throughout Africa and Latin America. Bring an extra memory card or two for these trips!

Imvelo Safari Lodges: Photographing Africa's wildlife safely from a vehicle is a huge thrill, but Imvelo Safari Lodges' properties in Hwange NP offer the chance to capture eye-popping images from several unique perspectives. Nehimba Lodge offers an elevated vantage for point for shooting the hundreds of elephants and other game that frequent its very popular waterhole. And Camelthorn, Bomani and Jozibanini all have waterlevel blinds (think toenail photos of elephants!) complete with flush loos! And for those perfect predator photos, Bomani is in a private concession which allows offroad driving.

Ultimate guides are experts in helping photography clients
get the perfect shot
Ultimate Safaris: Namibia is a country of extraordinary scenery and endless vistas, and has special appeal in the eyes of photographers. Ultimate Safaris' vehicles are perfectly equipped for photo safaris - kitted out with custom made stackable bean bags for window or pop-top use and in-vehicle sockets for charging. Ultimate works to ensure that guests stay at the right place to capture that perfect shot in ideal light conditions. They have access to special permits for photographing restricted areas as well. Learn more about Ultimate's Photographic Safaris here.

New Frontiers: South Africa and Botswana have long been industry leaders on specialist photography safaris. Some of our favorite camps and reserves that feature specialist guides, vehicles and programs include Mashatu, Makanyi and Sabi Sabi in SA and Zarafa Camp in Bots. Mashatu has an exclusive concession to provide dedicated photographic hides, along with a resident wildlife photographer. Zarafa provides one Canon 50D in each room and vehicles with camera mounts and bean bags. And now &Beyond's Phinda and Ngala reserves have both just introduced specialized photographic safari vehicles. Many of these perks come at additional cost - inquire at the time of booking with New Frontiers.

'Verde' - an National Geographic award-winning photo
by Jaime Culebras
Tropic Ecuador: Jaime Culebras is an award-winning photographer based in Ecuador. His work's mission is to encourage conservation through sharing his inspiring images of the natural world. Jaime is available to help Tropic Ecuador photography clients get to know their cameras through the lens of a professional photographer on an urban safari in Quito. It's the perfect introduction to Ecuador and a great way to kick off a trip steeped in wildlife and culture subjects in the Amazon, Andes and Galapagos. Email Cristina for details.

Classic Africa Safaris: Uganda and Rwanda provide lots of excitement for avid photographers. From Africa's highest mountains to some of its densest jungles, those behind the lens can make incredible art during a visit. Of particular interest is the chance to shoot primates, including golden monkeys, chimpanzees, black and white colobus, and the big draw - the critically endangered mountain gorilla. These subjects may test a photographer's mettle in capturing still images in beautiful filtered forest light, but the rewards of success are sweet indeed. Classic Africa Safaris can help you plan the perfect primate safari for your clients.

Joynson-Hicks' time in East Africa has allowed him to
create iconic images of its wildlife
Albatros Travel: Paul Joynson-Hicks is a professional photographer based in Arusha, Tanzania. His life's passion is photography and it shows in his stunning snapshots of East Africa's wildlife. His progressive techniques make for memorable imagery, whether it's capturing the movement of cheetah or silhouettes of iconic animals. His style will help photographers push the boundaries of their own skill sets. Paul is a friend of the Albatros Travel family and is available to lead custom photo safaris in East Africa that include editing and photography instruction and workshops.

Todos Santos Eco Adventures: Are your clients fans of underwater photography? Camp Cecil on Isla Espiritu Santo in Baja, Mexico is the perfect base to explore the wonders under (and on!) the surface of the Pacific. Visitors have the chance to swim with sea lions, whale sharks and other marine life, and the photographic opportunities are endless. When on land, the sun-kissed colors of the desert, dust on a ranchero's boot, the variety of blue hues of the water, the fantastic regional cuisine or even a fresh margarita all make for fabulous photo ops. The team at Todos Santos Eco Adventures can make it all happen!

Chichicastenango market is a feast for the senses and the camera lens!
Maya Trails: Guatemala is awash in diverse and beautiful photography subjects. From the colorful culture of the Mayan people and the crumbling grandeur of ancient Mayan ruins to natural wonders like volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan and the cascading crystalline pools of lesser-visited Semuc Champey. And if your photography clients are looking for an birds-eye perspective, ask Maya Trails about helicopter flights over Guatemala's Mayan ruins and rugged, active volcanoes!

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