Thursday, August 25, 2016

Special Photographer Departure and Workshops from Tropic Ecuador

Tropic Ecuador's Galapagos land-based set departure on October 23 will have a special guest. Paul Bertner is a professional wildlife photographer, explorer and biologist. His macro portraits of reptiles, amphibians and insects have found a global audience in the BBC, the Discovery channel, Scientific American and many other international news outlets. He will be joining Tropic's set adventure to Floreana and Isabela islands in the Galapagos archipelago.

Whether it’s motorbiking thigh deep through a muddy gallery of paths in Southeast Asia, trekking the remote rainforests of the Congo, or bushwhacking through the Amazon, Paul has traveled to many of the world’s last refuges of biodiversity to document and share not only the rare and the previously unknown, but also the beauty in the everyday creatures that often pass unnoticed underfoot.

“The way I see it, every new species documented is yet another reason to encourage preservation and raise awareness. Frankly there is no better time to visit, appreciate and support these last bastions of biodiversity”. The Amazon, and Ecuador’s rainforests in particular have proven to have some of the highest levels of species recorded anywhere. This September through October, he will be here with us in Chilcabamba, Sani lodge, and the Galapagos, offering photography workshops, presentations on his biodiversity findings and joining tours to explain the fascinating ecosystem workings and natural history of some of the most important and yet overlooked inhabitants of this beautiful country.

Clients have a number of options to travel with Paul including the Galapagos set departure, and to join daily photo workshops for nature lovers. The following locations/dates are confirmed, with more possible dates opening up:
  • September 5 - 9: Cotopaxi Lodge-to-Lodge
  • September 10 - 22: Daily workshops at Sani Lodge in the Amazon
  • October 23 - 27: Galapagos set departure
  • October 28 - November 1: Daily workshops on Santa Cruz Island
Email Andrea for availability and to book.

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