Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gorilla Trekking for Everyone

Gorilla trekking can be strenuous, and setting expectations for your clients is critical. Even some of the lodges in Uganda and Rwanda can present challenges to the less able-bodied, so it's best to work closely with Classic Africa Safaris when planning your client's trip.

One of the litters used for trekking
in Rwanda and by UWA in Uganda
While reasonable fitness is a must for most, there are options for less able-bodied guests to experience the magic of trekking. Classic Africa reminds us that both Rwanda and Uganda have options for travelers to be carried in a litter to see the gorillas. Prices and configurations vary by lodge and country, and whenever possible, litters should be requested and reserved at the time permits are booked.

The costs outlined below are in addition to accommodation and permit fees and are available on a first come, first serve basis. The cost covers the salary for the porters carrying the litter and do not include gratuities.

The GFC trekking litter
  • For pax staying at Gorilla Forest Lodge (GFC) in Bwindi, 2 stretchers are available. The cost is
  • Non-GFC guests can use the litters/porters, however the cost increases to $450/person/trek. 
  • The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) also has litters available for trekking. There are 2 in Buhoma, 2  in Ruhijja and 2 in Rushaga/ Nkuringo. UWA litters cost $300/person/day. 
  • In Rwanda, litters cost $220/person/day.
CAS recommends a gratuity of $5-10/porter/day, though this is at travelers' discretion.

Litters can also be summoned in the event of an emergency. Guides are able to phone or radio headquarters to have a litter and porters sent to help guests who are unable to return under their own strength.

As a reminder, gorilla permits in Rwanda cost $750/person/day, while gorilla permits in Uganda cost $600/person/day (except for some low season months).

Contact Hilda or Phil with questions, or for permit and litter availability for Rwanda or Uganda, respectively.

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