Monday, June 13, 2016

Galapagos Land Programs from Tropic Ecuador

Galapagos marine iguanas spend time on land and in the sea
Land-based Galapagos travel is here! There are myriad advantages to staying on the islands including, but certainly not limited to...
  • For pax who tend toward seasickness or don't want to spend a week on a boat, the land-based option is a godsend. There is still boat travel on Tropic's land-based itineraries, but pax aren't living on a boat for the bulk of their vacation.
  • Land-based travel allows pax to get a real flavor of life on the islands. Tropic's itineraries focus on traditional Galapagos activities, but mix in a great cast of characters that will make travelers' journeys much more colorful and memorable.
  • Land-based travel helps the local islands' economies, fulfilling Tropic's desire to ensure local cultures are supported through their tourism offerings. The impression of some Galapagos residents is that boat travelers come to the island, looks at the highlights, leave their trash and go. Land-based travelers are spending money in hotels and lodges and restaurants, making a sustainable existence for local residents.

Galapagos Land, Sea and Underwater Adventures 

A tree house at Galapagos Magic, one of the unique and
special lodges Tropic uses on their land-based departures
Tropic offers three land-based group departures (min 2/max 12) based from unique lodges full of character, atmosphere and charm on three very diverse islands - Santa Cruz, Floreana and Isabela - plus a day visit to iconic Bartolome or wildlife-rich South Plazas! Download the detailed itineraries below or contact Andrea for all the details:

5d/4n Santa Cruz/Bartolome/Floreana - $2250pp rack; Saturday departures
5d/4n Santa Cruz/South Plazas/Isabela - $2250pp rack; Monday departures
7d/6n Santa Cruz/Bartolome/Floreana/Isabela -
$4200pp rack; Saturday departures

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