Monday, June 13, 2016

2016 Migration in the Mara - There's Still Time!

The wildebeest migration is a must-see for wildlife lovers. This action shot is
from Mahali Mzuri in the Olare Motorogi conservancy.
Albatros Travel has let us know that it's not too late to find space in the Mara during migration season. Even better, there are some excellent specials available for procrastinating travelers.

Richard Branson's Mahali Mzuri is offering a stay 3/pay 2 special. It's valid now through August 31st. It's also family-friendly with kids staying free! The 12-tent camp sits within the 13,500 hectare Olare Motorogi conservancy, providing access to the Mara's legendary wildlife without the crowds.

Alex Walker's Serian  has a stay 4/pay 3 special valid through August and September. The camp has a classic safari feel and is located in the 32,500 hectare Mara North conservancy. The conservancy allows off-road and night-driving, riding and walking, giving pax a variety of ways to explore the area.

Saruni Mara and Saruni Wild are offering a stay 4/pay 3 special from July to September. Saruni Mara's 5 cottages and 2 villas are perched on a hillside with a staggering view of the Mara North conservancy, while 3-tent Saruni Wild feels exactly that way - wild!

Naibor Camp has a few choices for specials! Pax can stay 3/pay 2 in July, or stay 4/pay 3 from August to October. With its prime location on the Talek River, guests don't even have to leave camp to be spoiled with fantastic wildlife sightings.

Governors Camps' prime real estate along the Mara River practically guarantees guests' happiness. For families, they are offering free lodging for kids, and for those that don't procrastinate too much, there's an 'early bird' discount - up to 40% off for travel from July to December when booked before July 31st.

Contact Caroline for availability and to take advantage of these great specials.

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