Thursday, November 5, 2015

Okavango Delta Water Levels Down

Due to a hotter than average September and October and late arrival of the rains this year, water levels in the Okavango Delta have dropped significantly. This particularly affects the hippos as they require a certain depth of water to remain comfortable. When water levels are low and food is scarce hippos become stressed and are more inclined to be aggressive as they jostle for territory in small pools. As mekoro excursions take place in areas of shallow water a number of camps have suspended this activity in the interest of guest safety. Where there are deep water channels it is still possible to boat at some but not all camps.

The following is a list of camps where water activities has been affected. Please note this is not a definitive list and the situation can change on a daily basis. 

Only when the first rains come will water activities revert back to normal.

•    Abu - limited boating and mekoro excursions
•    Belmond Eagle Island Lodge - motor boats suspended - mekoro still available
•    Delta Camp & Oddballs - very short mekoro excursions to access nearby islands for walking - boating suspended
•    Duba Plains - boating suspended (mekoro's are not offered)
•    Footsteps Across the Delta - mekoro excursions suspended
•    Jao Concession - water levels are dropping fast 
•    Kanana - boat access to the heronry is a problem 
•    Khwai Tented Camp - water activities have been suspended
•    Kwara & Little Kwara - suspended mekoro excursions but currently offering boating 
•    Linyanti Bush Camp - water activities have been suspended
•    Motswiri - suspended boating but offering short mekoro excursions
•    Sanctuary Baines - boating suspended currently offering mekoro excursions
•    Sanctuary Chief's - mekoro's suspended 
•    Selinda & Zarafa - boating suspended (mekoro's are not offered)
•    Tubu and Little Tubu - water activities have been suspended
•    Vumbura Plains - general water levels have dropped, water activities still offered
•    Xigera - boats have been moved to the boat station, which is approx. a 40 minute drive from camp. Boating will continue in the main channels and mekoro on the flood plains until water levels become too low.

If you have additional questions or need the most current water conditions, contact your New Frontiers consultant directly.

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