Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Calle la Ronda Shopping Guide - Quito, Ecuador

While Ecuador's most well-known shopping destination is the famous Otavalo Market, for those who aren't visiting the Highlands, Tropic Journeys recommends spending some time browsing the many excellent artisan shops on Calle de La Ronda in the historic district of Quito. From jewelry and pottery to toys and Panama hats, Tropic's handy shopping guide outlines their favorite shops.

House 989
Chocolate products from Chez Tiff
  • Chez Tiff - artisan production of chocolate and cocoa products
  • Catzo - Jewelry design
  • Piano school and workshop (tough to bring home!)
  • El Rabel - guitar workshop
  • Quesadillas San Juan - a little sustenance while shopping is a must!
  • Endara Crow Artist Workshop - a well-known Ecuadorian painter

House 925
Wooden toys from Zabalartes
  • Api Real - products made from honey
  • Vulgomaestre - art design workshop, ethno-urban
  • Zabalartes - toys, spinning tops, yo-yos, and other wooden toys
  • Bookstore La Ronda
  • The art of La Ermita - pottery
  • Ice cream shop Dulce Placer - ice creams of: colada morada, capulĂ­, mojito, rice milk, machica, among other exotic flavors are produced in this place
House 762
Luis Lopez - Humacatama hat maker
(Photo: telSur)
  • Humacatama - Luiz Lopez learned the craft of hat making from his father and grandfather
  • Tinplate workshop of  Mr. Silva - tinware

House 707
·         Tigua workshop - traditional masks

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