Friday, August 21, 2015

Flying in Uganda with AeroLink

If you are going on safari in Uganda, one should expect a fair bit of driving, no matter the destination. (Drives are generally beautiful and culturally interesting). However, for those with limited time, AeroLink's route network offers a reasonably priced alternative to some of the longer drives. These flights also make visiting Kidepo National Park feasible as driving is not recommended.

From its base at Entebbe International Airport, AeroLink utilizes Cessna Grand Caravans for their two route networks: 
  • West, which links Entebbe with Bwindi, QENP and Kibale;
  • North, which links Entebbe with Murchison Falls NP and Kidepo NP. 
The Western network offers 2x daily flights between Entebbe (EBB) - Bwindi (Kisoro or Kihihi) - Queen Elizabeth NP (Mweya) and QENP North/Kibale (Kasese). 

The Northern network operates only on Wed/Fri/Sun with a minimum of four pax. For other days of the week, the minimum is seven pax.

It is not possible to connect these two networks ie there are no flights between MFNP and Kibale/QENP and pax must hub-spoke through EBB. 

One of the biggest benefits to these scheduled flights is the time-saving option of flying from the Bwindi area (Kisoro or Kihihi) back to Entebbe, instead of the 2 day drive with a stop at Lake Mburo. 

Rates start at around $240 each way. Classic Africa Safaris just received news from AeroLink that rates will be increasing by 5% in 2016 after being frozen for three years. However, CAS will honor all previous quotes/bookings for 2016 at existing rates. 

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