Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ultimate Safaris Guides Train in Namibia and Beyond

Ultimate guides in the field with their
Swarovski binos
Ultimate Safaris hosts annual training sessions to ensure we stay on top of our game as the leading safari operator in Namibia. While all our guides comply with the required guide training certificates and have amongst them decades of experience, it’s essential that our guides share in the Ultimate Safaris values and standards to deliver Life Enriching Journeys and understand the massive responsibility they have as our company’s ambassadors. This year’s session was held for an entire week at the Galton House and all guides actively participated, with each taking turns conducting a session in an area of their specialty. This year’s session included a basic mechanic course on how to deal with small issues should they occur on the vehicle; what an Adventure Travel Guide is and the growth in this market; snake identification, handling and first aid in case of bites; a wine tasting course as well as a birding day making full use of their Swarovski-sponsored binoculars (and more!).
Wine Tasting "lecture" at Galton House

Further excitement ensued as two of our guides have been given the opportunity to spend 5 weeks in East Africa.  In our constant quest to innovate and improve on our already excellent safari vehicles, we arranged for two new vehicles to be custom-modified in Tanzania, and thus needed two eager volunteers to agree to drive our Land Cruisers to the other side of Africa. While Tarry and Nestor await the completion of the modifications, the Kusini Collection and Warren Green & Associates collaborated with Alex Walker and the Serian Camps to host our guides so that they can experience safari guiding on the other side of Africa, and bring their knowledge back to our guiding team in Namibia. Have fun, guys and thanks to Alex and Warren for their efforts!

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