Friday, February 6, 2015

South Africa Yellow Fever certificate requirements for Zambia lifted

Important update out of Zambia from New Frontiers Tours! The YELLOW FEVER certification requirements have been lifted.

Following the World Health Organization's confirmation that Zambia is a low risk yellow fever country the South African Department of Health has announced travellers from Zambia will no longer be required to carry a valid yellow fever certificate when entering South Africa.

IATA has acted on this and the necessary airline rules and regulations have just been updated so there is no chance of passengers being denied boarding.

New Frontiers are waiting to hear if the Botswana Government will follows SA’s lead. As things stand visitors entering Botswana at the Kazangula border post from Zambia need to be in possession of a valid yellow fever certificate otherwise there is a chance they may be denied entry into Botswana.

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