Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tropic Journeys introduce Relais & Chateau cooking class, newest "May We Introduce You" Experience in Quito, Ecuador

Tropic Journeys, Ecuador’s leading purveyor of extraordinary experiences, is passionate about sharing the stories and products of Quito’s finest artisanal workshops – and now culinary stars.

Tropic's “May We Introduce You” is a campaign which creates unique memories through visits to the country’s finest boot maker, La Mundial, and chocolatier, Pacari. And now, guests can engage in a gourmet cooking class at the Relais & Chateau-designated Zazu Restaurante as the centerpieces of Quito tours, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Tropic has its finger on the pulse of what we consider the crème de la crème of experiences in Quito and beyond,” Says Jascivan Carvalho, President of Tropic.  “For an establishment to make it onto our elite and privileged “May We Introduce You” list is a commitment that owners of these select companies make to provide Tropic guests VIP status through special tours and amenities.”

The third addition to the list is Zazu Restaurante, considered to be the finest restaurant not only in Quito but in all of Ecuador. Tropic’s guests may engage in a private cooking class that concludes with drinks, appetizers and the company of one of Zazu’s accomplished Master Chefs.

This will be the first gourmet Relais & Chateau cooking class to be offered in Ecuador. Tropic’s clients enjoy a private dining and kitchen area for an intimate interaction and exchange with the chef. The cost is $100 per person for the two hour experience.

Tropic’s “May We Introduce You” campaign also offers insider experiences at La Mundial, a luxury custom boot company, and Pacari, an internationally recognized and award-winning chocolatier.

Pacari is the first single-origin, 100 percent organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador. (The word Pacari means "nature" in Quechua, an indigenous language of the Andean region.)  The new tasting room scheduled to open at the end of the year is in Quito’s trendy, bohemian La Floresta neighborhood, home to top restaurants and boutique hotels. Tropic guests will enjoy a 90-minute tasting tour which will reveal the ingredients and secrets of 10 varieties of Pacari chocolates (four single origin chocolate bars, one special-edition chocolate bar and five dark chocolate bars). Whenever possible, Santiago Peralta, founder of Pacari, will lead the tours. He was recognized as the outstanding Chocolate Maker of 2013 by the Fine Chocolate Industry Association at the organization’s winter event in San Francisco.

For those guests interested fashion and high quality, hand made footwear, the Luxury Custom Boots Experience at La Mundial is a must-do. This VIP experience is led by Sonia Rivas, the first female shoemaker in Ecuador who heads the company’s Quality Assurance department. During the tour of the factory in Quito, Sonia will detail the secrets of the boot making process as visitors will learn how to select high-quality leather and witness each detail that differentiates a La Mundial boot. Those who wish to purchase their own custom-made boots are invited to have their measurements taken at the end of the tour!

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