Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Conservation Lower Zambezi program

Computer Vulture Team, photo courtesy CLZ
Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a long standing NGO (non governmental organisation) that assists the Wildlife Authority in all spheres of operations with its chief purpose to safeguard the natural resources, namely wildlife and the habitat of the Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding Game Management Area including the Chiawa Partnership Park. It specializes in promoting the protection of fauna and flora in the LZNP and community empowerment in the surrounding GMA. With three main programs in operation, namely anti poaching in support of Zambian Wildlife Authority, an environmental education program and Safari Guide training for the local tourism industry. Chongwe Safaris is both a founding member and committee member of CLZ and is proud to be involved in fundraising and operational efforts that reduce poaching in the Lower Zambezi region. Read more on CLZ's recent efforts.

In addition to anti-poaching efforts, CLZ runs environmental educational programs and community outreach programs to provide conservation education. CLZ now employs 35 permanent staff members and supports 85 ZAWA scouts. Last year CLZ facilitated 32 guide qualifications in the Lower Zambezi National Park.  

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