Friday, December 12, 2014

Scenic Air's new plane in Namibia

Scenic Air in Namibia has recently introduced a Quest Kodiak 100 to their fleet, offering a luxury aircraft option for small groups charters (along with the current Caravan C208 12 seater charter aircraft).  This is the most modern cutting-edge, bush-strip-capable aircraft on the market. It is equipped with the latest “glass” cockpit technology, seats up to 8 passengers, and has a belly pod for luggage.

This aircraft is air-conditioned, has a very spacious and comfortable cabin, large windows for excellent viewing, a large clam-shell door for easy boarding and disembarking, and is equipped with the very latest in avionic advances including terrain awareness, “radar” for spotting other aircraft, weather radar, and electronic systems management and monitoring.

Where possible Ultimate Safaris recommends this aircraft for private charters as it often is quite reasonably priced for small groups, and only a fraction more expensive than two Cessna C210 5-seater aircraft (but well worth the extra expenditure for the added comfort and overall speed).   

Additional specs

Quest Kodiak 100 Turbo-prop aircraft
Engine Type: 1 Turboprop Engine, PT6A-34
Pressurized Cabin: No
Cruising Altitude: 12 000ft
Speed: 339km/h (183 Knots)
Passenger seats: 8
Performance:  Certified ceiling at 25,000 ft. Maximum range with reserves 2096km (1132nm).

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