Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Ultimate Safaris vehicles - top of the line in the bush!

  Vehicle Specs (including attached images as samples). The new vehicles are basically lighter, newer, with more effective air conditioning, comfortable seats etc. (not that the old vehicles were not great – in the end it’s a continuous development & innovation to improve on what we believe are already exceptional vehicles. 
       All our Land Cruisers are equipped with:
·         Roof pop Tops for better photography and game viewing vantage points
·         Air Conditioning (the new vehicles’ air condition is more effective)
·         Onboard Fridge/freezers and plenty of water.
·         Personal library, which includes a series of guide books, maps, stationary and checklists.
·         220 volt electrical charging point, to charge electrical devices whilst traveling.
·         Guaranteed window seat on every safari.
·         VHF inter-vehicle radios that allow multi vehicle groups to communicate with each other while ‘on the road’

·         Seating capacity from 1 guest up to 9 guests, with the new vehicles all either 8 or 10 seaters (always guaranteed window seats)

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