Friday, November 7, 2014

Norman Carr Walking Safaris named Best Safari Experience in Africa

Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris, part of the Time + Tide portfolio, took numerous awards including the Grand Prize at the Safari Awards held in London Sunday November 2nd and sponsored by Good Safari Guide.

Awards bestowed on Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris were as follows:

  • Norman Carr Safaris: Grand Prize Winner Best Safari Experience in Africa
  • Norman Carr Safaris: Winner Best Walking Safari in Africa (second year in a row)
  • Chinzombo: Winner Best New Camp in Africa (second year in a row)
  • Chongwe House: Runner Up Best Safari House in Africa
  • Chinzombo: Runner Up Best Safari Cuisine in Africa 
Over 4,000 vetted tour operators, travel agents and travel journalists are invited to vote for the best safari camps, lodges, houses, mobile and riding operators, and wildlife organizations. This creates the 'awards nominees' list that is published on The Safari Award’s website and which is then voted upon by those in the travel business.

9 year old Chris Liebenberg with
Norman Carr, circa 1982
Norman Carr Safaris was founded by conservation pioneer, Norman Carr; Chongwe Safaris was founded by Chris Liebenberg, who knew Norman Carr from childhood and attributes his decision to take up guiding, tourism and most importantly, conservation, to Norman’s influence. In 2012 the two companies became “sisters,” with the bond forged through their mutual interest in preserving the wilderness. Currently, Norman Carr Safari comprises six camps in the South Luangwa – Kapani Lodge, Luwi, Nsolo, Kakuli, Mchenja and their most recent camp, the wildly luxurious Chinzombo, considered the last word in green design.

The Time + Tide portfolio will undertake expansion with new projects: operating “blue safaris” on an island off the coast of Madagascar (slated for 2016) and tours to observe the world’s second largest wildebeest migration, that in Zambia’s rarely-visited, remote Liuwa Plain (slated for 2015).

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