Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Lower Zambezi is tiger (fish) country!

When it comes to fishing, Chongwe is tiger country! The Lower Zambezi is home to the tiger fish, nicknamed the “water dog,” whose sharp teeth are matched only by its fighting spirit and reputation as one of the world’s top game fish.

Chongwe Safaris offers guests the chance to head out onto the river in search of this formidable combatant, operating a strict catch-and-release policy in order to preserve stocks of this incredible fish. Alternatively, you can try your hand at bream fishing on the Chongwe river itself, where a limited catch can be brought back to camp and served up with a delicious lemon butter sauce!

Fly fishing in the Lower Zambezi, while relatively new, is proving extremely successful. Our best fly fishing months are from August to November. Our equipment is of a good standard although our experience shows the majority of experienced anglers prefer to bring their own.

At Chongwe, fishing is not reserved just for the experienced angler. Our expert fishing guides will patiently help first timers whose excitement of catching their first fish is always a pleasure. Families with kids are often have the most fun fishing!

We also do cater to the serious angler with our local knowledge and a lifetime of angling experience.Very often we will have full day fishing expeditions where a lunch is set up at a designated point along the river. While we generally always set off in a boat from our camps, we fish both from the boat and from islands along the Zambezi, making for a varied experience. And of course, game viewing is excellent on the many islands and on both banks of the river.

Download additional information on fishing at Chongwe Safaris, including our fleet and equipment list.

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