Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mountain biking safaris at Jozibanini Camp, Hwange National Park

Jozibanini Camp, Imvelo Safari Lodges' newest property, is nearing completion! Jozi will be a small, exclusive camp in a truly wild place, providing guests with a unique and very exciting safari experience, including the opportunity to explore the area on mountain bikes!

Jozi is located in far southern Hwange, where for millennia, sand from the Kalahari has blown and piled into small dunes. In between these dunes are hard packed, fossilized troughs that elephants and other wildlife use to transit the area. These are the paths that will be used for the mountain bike safaris, providing a solid surface for biking. The Imvelo team are developing these circuits with the help of some of the older san bushmen who originally inhabited the area and who know the paths and routes extremely well.  The goal is for the bushman to be the advance scouts for the biking activities, providing updates on the terrain and wildlife ahead of the group.

At least initially, these won't be long biking expeditions, probably 15km circuits or less. There will always be a vehicle available for support and refreshments!

Jozi is scheduled to open in late 2014. The Imvelo team is currently installing a new underground "Look Up" blind, grading roads and an airstrip, resurrecting the old Jozi ranger station waterhole and scouting walking and mountain biking trails in the area. See below for photos.

We can't wait to welcome guests to this spectacular and undiscovered part of Hwange National Park!

More information on Jozibanini here:

Elephants near Jozibanini camp

Scouting biking/hiking trails near Jozi

Sunset at Jozi 

Jozi waterhole

The newly christened Jozi pack of wild dog! 

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