Friday, October 17, 2014

Kayaking and sailing adventures on Lake Titicaca, Peru

Peru is one of the best destinations worldwide for amazing trekking adventures. But what to do for those active clients after they've trekked all those miles and their feet need a break? Tucano Peru says head for Lake Titicaca for active adventures on the water! Check out the following kayaking and sailing adventures exploring several of the islands on this mystical lake.

Day 1: Journey from Cusco - Puno

There are three options for getting from Cusco to Puno.
  1. Overland via bus or private transfer, around a 10 hour journey with stops along the way. 
  2. Fly to Juliaca airport, about 45 minutes from Puno. 
  3. Embark on Peru Rail's beautiful Andean Explorer Train, a 10 hour journey in luxury style. 
Traveling overland
You'll make brief stops to visit several attractions including the Andahuaylillas church built in 1580 and known as the "Sistine Chapel of Peru; the Archaeological Centre of Raqchi, the most important and oldest ceremonial centre of the Altiplano, where the origins of the Andean Culture of the Altiplano were discovered.

Andean Explorer Train. Photo Peru Rail. 
Traveling by train
Fixed Departures:
Mondays / Wednesday / Saturdays year round plus Friday from April to October.
During the journey, you will enjoy the mysticism offered by Peru’s beautiful Andean landscape. A trip by the Andean Explorer train is a unique experience, surrounded by mountains and clouds, snow capped mountains and high Andean plateau.
Day 2: Puno –  Kayaking Llachon then to Ticonata Island

In the morning you will be transferred to small farming village of Llachon for your kayaking adventure. After a safety briefing and a bit of practice, you'll embark on a paddle along the coast of the Capachica Peninsula. There is no better way to discover the immensity and the mysticism of sacred Lake Titicaca than by kayak. After about 2-3 hours of paddling, we stop for lunch at local restaurant and then continue on by motorboat to Ticonata Island arriving in the mid-afternoon. The local community will greet and welcome you to the ecovillage,  a recreation of the the traditional pre-Inca conical shape houses of the region.You can visit the local museum and see the mummies recently found, go for a short  hike to the top of the island to watch the  sunset over the lake.
In the evening, join the community for a dinner of local produce, campfire underneath the stars, and demonstration of how to read the coca leaves.

Day 3: Ticonata – Amantani 

After breakfast, start a unique 2-3 hour cruise by wooden sail boats towards Amantani Island. The local fishermen are skilled sailors and the west winds will take us to our destination! Accommodation in a home stay, enjoy a typical lunch, then in the afternoon hike to the summit and visit the Temple of Pacha Tata or Pacha Mama. Observe the sunset over Lake Titicaca than eat dinner and celebrate with the locals.

Day 4: Amantani - Uros - Puno

After breakfast, we leave Amantani and board a motor boat to visit one of the most unique attractions on the lake, the floating reed islands of Uros, located a 4 km/2.5 miles from Puno. The original inhabitants of these floating islands are said to descend from one of the most ancient peoples of the Americas, and still to this day practice their ancient traditions. Their dwellings made of totora reed, are built on the surface of Lake Titicaca. Reed boat rides can be arranged with the local fisherman(optional). After spending some time learning about their fascinating history and unique way of life, you'll continue on to Puno.

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