Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Victoria Falls Airport: Cold Water is A Warm Welcome

After reports of long immigration delays at the Victoria Falls Airport, The Zimbabwean reports on this gesture for visitors:
In a world first, a cold bottle of water will make a warm welcome for international arrivals at Victoria Falls Airport. The Zimbabwean welcome, to begin on Thursday Sept. 18th, is aimed at making visitors, who sometimes face long queues at immigration, more comfortable.
Tour operator Blessing Munyenyiwa, who has spearheaded the initiative, said hospitality assistants would be on the ground at the airport for the next three months, to cover the peak tourist season. 
“The main responsibilities for these staff will be to welcome all arrivals to Victoria Falls, and hand out a cold bottle of water,” Mr Munyenyiwa, managing director of Love for Africa, said. “Where else in the world are you given a complimentary bottle of water as you enter into a country, and also have hospitality staff just to walk around and chat and see if everyone is okay?  
“They’ll also point visitors in the right direction, ensure they are in the correct line, assist the elderly, those with disabilities and young families, and carry spare pens for filling out forms. We are going to make queuing as comfortable as possible and make it a great welcome into our country,” he said. 
The Zimbabwean notes that this free water initiative will be implemented every year moving forward over the peak season months. Read the full article here.

A renovated and expanded Victoria Falls Airport capable of handling long haul international flights is reportedly scheduled to open by mid-2015.

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