Friday, August 8, 2014

Albatros Travel Tanzania Guide

Charles Lemay, nicknamed Melami, grew up in Masai Land in Tanzania. As a young boy he was surrounded by wild animals and developed a passion for them which he wanted to share with the world. Charles joined the National College of Tourism and has now been guiding safaris for 17 years.

Over these years guiding for Albatros Travel, Charles has developed a passion for the Serengeti which is today his favorite park. He explains that it is due to its huge size and the fact that it plays host the great wildebeest migration. In fact, one of the most incredible things he has witnessed as a tour guide was when a pride of 26 lions camp into a camp in the Serengeti during the night and spent 6 hours killing and feeding on a buffalo. This had all the guests terrified and kept them quivering in their tents all night.

While Charles, is very knowledgeable about all the animals that inhabit the various Tanzanian park, he has a preference for the cheetah. He finds that the their hunting and killing skills are always a unique site to see but he particularly likes the fact that cheetahs will never eat another animal’s kill.

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