Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Announcing Time + Tide: A Legacy of Conservation in Zambia & Madagascar

Norman and his scout RiceTime,
whose grandson is a Chinzombo chef

Norman Carr's legacy lives on in Zambia and continues to grow through the birth of our new company - Time + Tide.

A 9 year old Chris Liebenberg with
Norman Carr (c. 1982)
Little did Norman know at the time this photograph was taken, what an effect he would have on a 9 year old boy and how he would inspire this same boy to build his own dream in Zambia and carry on the legacy of conservation.

It’s safe to say that the relationship between Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris goes way back. The photo to the left  is of Chris Liebenberg, age 9, in the early 1980’s, showing Norman his school project on the South Luangwa, which proudly scored him an A++.

The inspiration for Chongwe Safaris

Chris, the founder and owner of Chongwe Safaris, knew Norman from childhood and his dad and granddad knew Norman well. The Liebenberg family chose to stay at whichever camp Norman was guiding from at the time in the South Luangwa. He had a huge influence on a young Chris’ decision to himself go into guiding, tourism and most importantly conservation.

Chris as a guide in
Lower Zambezi NP
In the 1990’s Chris and his father Boet, went camping in the Lower Zambezi. Marveled by the beauty and wilderness of the area, they set up camp. Over time, this camp grew from an overnight campsite nestled under a canopy of Winterthorns to an award winning luxury bushcamp. The site, on the confluence of the Zambezi and Chongwe rivers, is what drew Chris and his dad in the first place; it’s the perfect spot for canoeing, a spot of fishing, game viewing and of course relaxing. With exquisite landscapes and skyscapes, it is no wonder that they grew this into one of the continents top safari lodges and a place to continue their “Love Affair with Nature”.

The company was never just a commercial venture though; there is a true human element throughout. Chris is heavily involved with Conservation Lower Zambezi as a Board Member and like Norman and his role in setting up the South Luangwa National Park; Chris is also instrumental in the development of the Chiawa Partnership Park which is still a work in progress. The aim of setting up the protected area is to conserve the diverse ecosystems bordering the Lower Zambezi National Park and eradicate hunting in the area. Another area which holds a special place in Chris’ heart is in the northeast of Zambia; he also helped found Conservation Lake Tanganyika to protect Nsumbu National Park.

The creation of Time + Tide 

This old relationship has newer links, with the two companies becoming ‘sisters’ in 2012 through shared ownership. The next step in the relationship is the creation of Time + Tide which is the affiliation of these two owner-operated safari brands along with new projects; running ‘blue safaris’ on an island off the coast of Madagascar and watching the second biggest wildebeest migration in Liuwa Plain, Zambia.

Fly fishing off the front of our Madagascan Island Paradise  
The open vista of Liuwa Plain
All of us involved in the Time + Tide private and intimate group of properties have an inherent care for wildlife, empowering the local people and preserving these ecological gems for future generations. Importantly, we also love sharing these unique areas with friends both old and new.

Mindy and the Teams of Time + Tide

Norman Carr Safaris - Dave, Mario, Vicky, Vanessa, Delene and team
Chongwe Safaris - Chris, Caroline, Flossie and team
Madagascar + Liuwa Plain - we will let you know more soon.....exciting times to come.

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