Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A perk of the job - shopping in the Zambian bush!

My Guinea fowl earrings
Near the new luxurious Chinzombo Luxury Camp, based at Kapani Lodge Kate Wilson and her team design and craft stunning jewelry from organic bush materials and snare wires gathered during anti-poaching patrols. Cool, hey?! I was lucky enough to stop by the Mulberry Mongoose shop when I was there in May and I had some cash burning a hole in my pocket - thankfully Kate's prices are an incredible value for the craftsmanship and the pieces are so unique no one at home will ever have anything like them! I'm hooked and will be making some special orders for gifts for VIPs in my life. This is one of those hidden gems that I know I have to share, but it makes me cringe a little because I wanted it to be my secret!

Oct. 10th update: Learn about the Dsenyo "Design for Change" competition in partnership with Mulberry Mongoose! 
A bit more on the Mulberry Mongoose Collections:
The Mulberry Mongoose team
The unique Snare Wire Collection is made using snare wire gathered during anti-poaching patrols in the South Luangwa or cut free from wounded animals including lion, leopard, elephant and wild dog. Wire snaring is one of the most devastating forms of poaching in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, killing and injuring many of the area’s iconic wildlife species. With every piece of snare wire jewellery sold the equivalent of $5.00 is donated to help fund these patrols' essential work. The Collection has made over $15,000 for anti snare patrols since it’s launch in 2012. Our Snare Wire Collection mixes snare wire coils with beautiful semi precious stones, hand carved wooden beads, vibrant glass beads & freshwater pearls.
The Driftwood Collection: Living next to the South Luangwa River we see first-hand the power and impact of the infamous, annual African rains. The river fills to bursting and entire trees are swept downstream tossing and turning in the currents. Beautiful pieces of wood get washed onto the riverbanks; the water moulds them into striking shapes turning them into pieces of art in their own right. This striking debris was the inspiration behind the Driftwood Collection.
Vintage Zambian Coins2013 saw the rebasement of Zambia’s Kwacha and the distribution of their newly minted coins. In celebration of this milestone, and inspired by the symbolism captured in a country’s coin, we have designed our Vintage Zambian Coin Collection. Using coins dating back to Zambia’s first President of the Republic, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, we have incorporated honey coloured Pucalet wood & beautiful turquoise to create symbolic pieces in classic, timeless designs.

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