Friday, June 6, 2014

Low water cruises in the Peruvian Amazon

Aria Amazon
Photo: Aria Expeditions
It's now June, can you believe it?! This month signifies the beginning of school summer break, "June Gloom" in Seattle and the low water season in the Amazon River basin! For those considering an Amazon river cruise, next to choosing which boat to sail, low or high water season is your most important decision.

The cruises seasons in the Amazon River in Northern Peru are divided into two seasons: a high water season from December through May and a low water season from June until November. In either season, you are guaranteed many opportunities to view and photograph spectacular plant and animal life unique to the magnificent Amazon region. In either season, rain is a possibility. This is a RAINforest after all. In a normal year it rains about 200 days per year. In actuality, the Amazon only gets about 10% more rain in the "rainy" or high water months. All told, on average, the Amazon basin receives 12 feet of rain per year!

Jungle walk with naturalist guide.
Photo: Delfin Amazon Cruises
So what distinguishes low water season in the Amazon? The key differentiator is that the jungle trails which are flooded in the high water become accessible, allowing for small group excursions on land, exploring deeper into the jungle. With less water, there are also less mosquitos. Additionally, there is an abundance of migratory birds and it's the best season for fishing, with catching a fish, even a piranha, guaranteed! Temperatures are warmer during the low water season, averaging nearly 100°F (40°C) vs 86°F (30°C) in the high water season.

You can book Amazon cruises with Tucano Peru on both Aqua Expeditions and Delfin Amazon Cruises. There are weekly departures of 3 and 4 day luxury cruises with both companies while Aqua also offers a 7-night expedition cruise which also departs weekly. If you are booking the cruise portion direct but have clients looking for more diverse land extension options, Tucano can also help!

Speaking of cruises and land extensions, Machu Picchu and Peru make a perfect pairing with a Galapagos cruise. Tucano expertly manages many Galapagos extensions or can design, plan and book the entire Ecuador and Peru combination itinerary. Contact Tucano Peru or the Kusini Collection for more information on all Amazon and Galapagos cruising and land extension options in Peru!

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