Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Announcing the Skeleton Coast and Kaokoveld Conservancy Safari from Ultimate Safaris Namibia

Ultimate Safaris is delighted to officially announce our newest scheduled safari, SKELETON COAST AND KAOKOVELD CONSERVANCY SAFARI, which will run with 5 departures between May and September 2015. The Skeleton Coast and Kaokoland are Namibia's most remote regions, with access allowed only to those few who know the area intimately. An area free of game fences and home to some of the most specialized mammals on earth, including desert adapted black rhino, elephant and lions, these areas are also home to the ancient Himba culture. This combined with some of the most spectacular scenery in Namibia makes for what must be one of the most authentic and pioneering safaris available in Namibia.

Tracking endangered black rhinos
This region is currently at the forefront of conservation in Africa, an achievement that has been recognised by numerous prestigious international awards. Namibia was the first country in Africa to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution and now almost 45% of Namibia's land is protected by the Government. Its successful "conservancy movement" (conservancies are clearly defined tracts of land, registered with the Government, where local communities manage their natural resources through a democratically elected committee and approved management plans) has engaged 230 000 rural residents (one in every four) and brought about remarkable increases in wildlife and income generation.

Further to this, Namibia is the only country in Africa where the endangered black rhino, of which Namibia has the largest population in the world, are being translocated out of National Parks into conservancies. In addition, Namibia not only has the largest population of cheetah in the world (50% of the global population), but it is also the only country in Africa where free roaming lion populations are increasing, and the instances of poaching have decreased dramatically to almost negligible levels today.

Stunning views from Grootberg Lodge
Further to that, this is an area which has in the past been largely devoid of any tourism infrastructure but we are now able to offer a completely luxury accommodated safari through the region, making exclusive use of conservancy owned or conservancy private sector joint venture establishments. This is the first safaris of its kind that has been offered by a Namibian private independently owned safari company, embracing Namibia's success and investing responsibly.

This safari will run with a minimum of 2 pax and a maximum of 6 pax. Contact the Kusini Collection or Gillian at Ultimate Safaris for the full details and a complete itinerary. Note that we have increased the commission for our scheduled safaris to 25% for 2015.


This safari will start on Day 1 at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp and officially ends at the Doro !Nawas Airstrip on Day 10.
Departures are booked on an FIT basis.


Day 1 Fly into Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
Day 2 & 3 Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, boundary of Skeleton Coast Park
Day 4 Etambura Camp, Orupembe Conservancy
Day 5 & 6 Okahirongo River Camp, Marienfluss Conservancy, Kunene River
Day 7 Okahirongo Elephant Lodge, Puros Conservancy
Day 8 & 9 Grootberg Lodge, ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy
Day 10 Departure


Desert adapted elephants at Okahirongo
Elephant Lodge in Kaokoland
  • Travel with one of Namibia’s most well-known full time naturalist guides. 
  • Experience first-hand the world’s single-most successful conservation success story. 
  • Explore the borders of the Skeleton Coast National Park and surrounds from the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp. 
  • Visit the Skeleton Coast coastline. 
  • Search for desert adapted elephant, rhino and lion along the Hoanib and Hoarusib Rivers. 
  • Travel through vast tracts of unfenced and pristine wilderness. 
  • Visit the ancient Kunene River, which forms the border with Angola. 
  • Enjoy boat excursions on the Kunene River. 
  • Explore the picturesque Hartmann’s and Marienfluss Valleys. 
  • Visit authentic Himba settlements. 
  • Track the last free roaming population of black rhino on foot. 
  • Stay at Namibia’s only wholly owned conservancy lodges (Grootberg and Etambura Lodges). 

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