Monday, April 7, 2014

Important! Updated Flight Regulations for Botswana

New regulations regarding passenger weights have been introduced by the civil aviation department of Botswana
Posted by New Frontiers on 07 April 2014
Due to the Civil Aviation of Botswana increasing the average weight of a passenger Mack Air (our preferred partner) has had to decrease the number of passengers on board each aircraft to remain within the limits. (Cessna 206: minus 1 seat, Airvan: minus 2 seats and a Cessna Caravan: minus 3 seats.)
As a result a passenger weighing over 120kg will need to purchase an additional seat. Combined weights between couples or groups will not be accommodated due to the weight and balance being calculated on a per seat load factor. This is done to be able to evenly distribute the weight around the aircraft. It may not only be for the weight factor but also for the balance of the aircraft, hence by law a "mass & balance" must be filed prior to the aircraft departing and a copy must be carried on board the aircraft at all times during commercial operations.
All light aircraft operators in Botswana require us to advise them in advance if any passenger weights between 110 and 120 kg so they can flag this in their system for flight scheduling purposes

Luggage Restrictions: a reminder

Due to aircraft weight considerations, as well as the physical constraints of an aircraft's baggage carrying capacity, the light aircraft operators in Botswana are obliged to implement certain luggage restrictions that ensure aviation safety regulations are adhered to, as well as the comfort of each and every passenger travelling. In order to do this the following luggage restrictions are strictly adhered to by the airlines.
  • Each passenger's luggage (including hand luggage and camera equipment) must not exceed 20kgs (44lbs).
  • Luggage dimensions must not exceed 25cm (10 inches) wide, 30 cm (12 inches) high and 62 cm (24 inches) long. Anything larger and the luggage will unfortunately not fit in the aircraft's baggage compartment
  • Only soft bags are permitted - no wheels, frames, hard covered or rigid bags are allowed as this makes loading bags extremely difficult.
  • Depending on a client's itinerary arrangements can be made to store excess baggage in Maun or Kasane. Please request this prior to travel
  • If the luggage allowances are not adhered to passengers will be required to pay for an additional seat, the cost of which must be settled locally
  • The photographs below provide an indication as to the size of each aircraft's baggage compartment. 

  • Permitted
    Not permitted

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