Thursday, December 26, 2013

Zambian VAT Update from Norman Carr Safaris

As you are may be aware the Zambian Government has legislated that all tourism products be standard rated for VAT (16%) as of January 1, 2014 – this includes accommodation packages, as well as activities.
The industry has been in discussion with the Ministries of Finance and Tourism with a view to delaying or cancelling the proposal but to no avail. We shall continue lobbying to try and get this move reversed but as of now the VAT is in place.
At this stage the industry will have to add on 16% to any previously zero rated products (activities and tour packages) that are booked from 1 January 2014Chongwe and Norman Carr Safaris will be adding 16% to all nightly and itinerary rates for bookings confirmed 1 January 2014 on wards (park fees/community levies and flights are excluded) and this will be indicated on quotes/invoices separately where applicable.
It has been agreed that any bookings made prior to 31 Dec will not incur VAT and are currently seeking clarification of what proof is required by the authorities for bookings to qualify under this clause. We will contact anyone holding bookings with the details once we have them. Zambian Tourism apologises for the uncertainty and inconvenience that this has caused.
Thanks for all your continued support of our wonderful country and camps.
From Mindy, Gid, Caroline, Zillah, Mario and all the NCS and Chongwe Teams

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