Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy National Rum Day

In the spirit of National Rum Day and a sunny summer Friday, we thought we'd take you to Guatemala to visit our top spot for sipping the award-winning Guatemalan rum, Zacapa! Ask Maya Trails to include one of these experiences in your traveler's tour in Guatemala. Check out the luxury culinary tour for more ideas.

Lake Atitlan Sunset View
Sunset on the rooftop at El Convento in Antigua

Grab a Zacapa and sip it while lounging on the cushy outdoor furniture at this luxury boutique hotel's roof top bar. At sunset, the candles are lit and there is often live music. The vibe is romantic and chic. Stay for dinner downstairs and you'll have one of the best meals in the city.

Overlooking the lake, on the dock at Ni'Tun EcoLodge

Another amazing sundowner spot in Guatemala's Peten region (home to the famous Maya sites of Tikal, Yaxha and Holmul, which we've been reading so much about recently). Owner Lorena Castillo will pour you a carefully aged Zacapa from the lodge's beautiful oak barrel. Sit in a hammock upstairs or dip your feet in the lake from the dock on the property.

Casa Palopo above Lake Atitlan

Stay in the lap of luxury at Casa Palopo in the Santa Catarina village on the edge of Lake Atitlan and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better view. Small villages dot the lake, volcanoes rise from its waters and the sunsets are unparalleled.

Photo by Tad Bradley

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