Friday, May 31, 2013

Peru culinary travel and Pisco tours!

With the increasing demand for culinary tourism, our partners Tucano Peru have recently designed a new food-focused itinerary - the Luxury Peru Culinary Journey! Read more about this fabulous culinary adventure below and check out the full itinerary on our website.
"We have carefully designed our Culinary Tours to include exclusive, hands-on experiences that show the best of the Peruvian cuisine and traditions. On this culinary tour, in addition to tasting various iconic flavors, you’ll learn to cook Peruvian dishes; experience traditional and colorful markets; dine in the most authentic and elegant restaurants in Lima and Cusco (we save you the best tables!); and meet the renowned chefs in each of these fabulous restaurants."
In addition to full culinary tours, Tucano Peru can also include visits to pisco bodegas. Pisco is Peru’s national liquor made from fermented grapes. After enjoying a good shot of pisco or a pisco sour, travelers will learn more about the process of making pisco. There are various pisco routes, the most important are found along the valleys of southeastern Peru, in the province of . . . where else, Pisco! Its capital is the town of Pisco, where the popular liquor originated.

Contact us for more information and to start designing a customized culinary and/or pisco tour for your travelers! 

Chincha Valley
The entire Chincha Valley produces excellent wines and piscos. 
Bodega Tabernero has won several gold and silver medals in festivals worldwide, including in Paris, France.
At Bodega Queirolo travelers will be able to visit a plantation and surround themselves in stunning landscapes. 

Ica Valley
An important research center for the making of wine and pisco, El Centro de Innovación Tecnológica Vitivinícola (CITE-VID), is located in the Ica Valley. This valley is the most important region of the country for pisco and wine production. There are hundreds of bodegas to visit. The most important are Tacama, Vista Alegre and Bodega y Viñeados La Caravedo. 

Arequipa Valley 
The modern bodega Omo produces the famous Pisco Biondi near Moquegua. There are also a variety of excellent piscos hailing from the Majes Valley where another center of wine and pisco research has sprung up.

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