Friday, March 22, 2013

Month of Mourning in Rwanda

Updates from Classic Africa Safaris regarding the month of mourning in Rwanda. For those who may not know, April in Rwanda is the month of mourning.
The culmination of the Genocide when more than 1,000,000 of its people were killed in a space of 100 days was from about 7th of April 1994.
As a result take note of the following that will happen during April;
·         The period of mourning will be officially opened by the President on 7th April 2013 and will run for 1 week until the 14th April when it will be closed. Much as they close the mourning period on 14th, people will be permitted to continue throughout the month.

·         On 7th April the Gisozi Genocide Museum in Kigali will be closed. All other days it will be open 24-7 and please be advised that during this month the number of visitors to the memorials will be very heavy and the crowds very emotional. 95% of the crowd will be locals.

·         During this time there are also a lot of wakes including overnight ones at the various memorials sites & centers.

·         There is no partying (all Clubs will be closed) or loud music that is not religious.

·         Most offices will be open until about 1400 hrs when thereafter most people go off back to their homes where there will be gatherings as they remember.

·         The crafts shops/galleries and markets may not be the best places to visit in the afternoon as chances are they could be closed.

·         Tracking of the primates; Gorillas/Golden monkeys/Chimps/Colobus etc and other park activities will take place as usual.

·         The dancing that usually takes place at the Volcanoes NP Headquarters every morning during the registration of clients tracking/hiking will not be on during this time.

·         FYI the color purple in Rwanda is associated with death and as such it will be seen in plenty next month.

Photos copyright Lyndsay Harshman/The Kusini Collection

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