Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crucial Uganda Entry Info - PLEASE READ!

Please carefully read the following update on PASSPORT VALIDITY for entrance into Uganda from Classic Africa Safaris:

There is quite a bit of conflicting information out there depending on what website you look at, but to GUARANTEE that your travelers won't have entry issues, please ensure that clients have 1 year validity on their passport.
We have had clients who have had trouble getting in and out of the country because of this recently, and we've had associates who have been refused onto the flight to Uganda because they had less then 1 year on their passport.
It does depend on the airline and will depend on the immigration official that you meet upon arrival, but it is not worth the risk.
The double blank page thing is not a new thing - this is the legal requirement. 6 double blank pages means 12 pages (one side) in total. However, this is not really pushed by immigration here. Once again, depends on the official and the day - this is Africa!
Please note that we also find the officials don't often check for YELLOW FEVER vaccination certificates, but it is a legal requirement so we always recommend carrying proof of vaccine, because it is not worth the risk of being denied entry.

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