Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 3 Buenos Aires restaurants for all appetites

Where to eat in Buenos Aires?  H&T Argentina picks their Top 3 Restaurants in several categories:

Argentine steak houses:
Argentine steak. Enough said. 
  1. El Obrero (Caffarena 64, La Boca) - a typical Argentine cantina that has been in La Boca for over 60 years now.  Prepare for a great meal in real down to earth surroundings – there is no luxury at El Obrero! We recommend taking a taxi and visiting at lunchtime.
  2. Mirasol de La Recova (Posadas 1032, Recoleta) – an upscale but typical Argentine steak house, right next to the Four Season Hotel. The setting is not the best but the meat & service are top notch and it is highly recommended.
  3. Don Julio (Guatemala 4691, Palermo Hollywood) – if you are in Palermo and like great meat and a top wine list, head to Don Julio, it won’t let you down!

Pizza & pasta classics:
Pizza del Giorno at Siamo nel Forno
  1. Pizza Piola (Libertad 1078, Recoleta) -  a busy little pizza & pasta place in Recoleta, excellent food & good vibes.
  2. Piegari La Recova (Posadas 1042, Recoleta)- one of the best pasta joints in Buenos Aires, next to the Mirasol (see above).
  3. Siamo nel Forno (Costa Rica 5886, Palermo Hollywood) – a trendy pizzería serving excellent thin crust Italian pizzas.
Veggie friendly restaurants:
Sope with Guacamole at Casa Felix
  1. Artemisia (Cabrera 3877, Palermo Soho, & Gorriti 5996, Palermo Hollywood) – not 100% veggie but most of the menu is, so this makes a great option for lunch/dinner in Palermo.
  2. Casa Felix ( – a wonderful vegetarian closed door restaurant in a private home in Chacarita. Its open only a few months a year so email to enquire!
  3. Hierba Buena (Avenida Caseros 454, San Telmo) – arguably one of BA’s best veggie places, this café is great for any meal. Very busy at weekends!

“World” restaurants:
Sake Salmon at Osaka
  1. Osaka (Soler 5608, Palermo Hollywood) – hard to get a table at, this uber-cool japanese-peruvian fushion restaurant is a must for sushi & cerviche fans. Let the waiter tell you what to order and you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Astrid & Gaston (Lafinur 3222, Palermo) – a great modern Peruvian restaurant with a very French twist. Its an off-shoot of the original Lima eatery, run by Peru’s most famous chef, Gastón Acurio. Find out why Peruvian cuisine is so hot around the world.
  3. Sarkis (Thames 1101, Villa Crespo) – this huge restaurant is the city’s number 1 restaurant on the local online guides, and is always full so you’ll have to wait - but it won’t be a long wait and its well worth it. Excellent Armenian and Middle Eastern food.
Restaurant/bars for a younger crowd:
Cocktails on the bar at Gran Bar Danzon
  1. Miranda (Costa Rica 5602, Palermo Hollywood) – a cool corner restaurant with a decent atmosphere and great scope for watching beautiful Argentines eat (and pose!).
  2. Gran Bar Danzon (Libertad 1161, Recoleta) - nice bar in Recoleta that gets busy after office. Serves food but go for the cocktails and bar.
  3. Bar 878 (Thames 878, Villa Crespo) – Just over the road from Sarkis, don’t be put off that there is no sign outside, this bar started life as a secret bar, but 8 years on it is a firm favorite on the BA bar scene. Great cocktails and they also do food.

Weekend brunches:
Brunch at Hernan Gipponi's
  1. Hernán Gipponi’s Restaurant (Soler 5682) – One of the best brunches in BA, the Fierro Hotel’s restaurant offers an amazing 7 course brunch at weekends for a bargain price.
  2. Oui Oui (Nicaragua 6068, Palermo Hollywood) – a classic café that gets very busy at the weekends with families and clubbers alike. Great cooked breakfasts and brunch menu.
  3. I latina – incredible Caribbean/Colombian brunch food in Villa Crespo.

“Secret” closed door restaurants (address on booking):
Bittersweet chocolate cake at Casa Saltshaker
  1. Casa Saltshaker – gourmet food & wine in an intimate setting at Dan’s house!
  2. Paladar Buenos Aires  – top Argentine food in a private home in Villa Crespo.
  3. I latina – incredible Colombian food in Villa Crespo.

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