Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mozambique now requiring advance travel visas

New Frontiers Tours News Flash:

Mozambique Immigration officials have suddenly changed the manner in which they are applying visa requirements. National Immigration Legislation requires all visitors to be in possession of a valid visa in advance of travel.

During the last ten years this requirement fell away as immigration officials became very relaxed and it became the "norm" for border visas, which are issued to tourists, to be issued at airports and land borders on arrival. Due to an expanding economy there has been an influx of ex-pat workers into Mozambique and this has prompted the National Immigration Office to apply their visa legislation according to the letter of the law. As a result all visitors to Mozambique including tourists must now obtain a visa in advance of travel.

Passport holders and travellers coming from countries which do not have visa exemption need to be aware of this legislation, particularly in respect of border visas. How the letter of the law is interpreted varies from border post to border post and different officials which is causing confusion. Speaking to stakeholders such as airlines and lodges the current situation is travellers who do not have a visa will be denied boarding their aircraft and those arriving by land may be refused entry into Mozambique.

Please ensure your clients are advised that they must obtain a visa prior to travelling to Mozambique.

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