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Game report from Porini Rhino Camp - Dec 2012

Porini Rhino Camp in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya
We've just received received the December game viewing report from our team at Porini Rhino Camp in Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya and WOW -  exciting stuff going on for info on wild dog, lion, cheetah and rhino sightings!

During the month of December we received dispersed rainfall, our camp area getting less rainfall compared to other areas. However, some animals like impalas, warthogs, giraffe, buffaloes and sometimes rhinos are regular customers to our watering hole in front of the mess tent.

WILD DOGS [ LYCAON PICTUS] A pack of 8 wild dogs that last remain in the conservancy and sometimes seen on game drives moved from Scot plain to Londro plain 2 months after giving birth to 9 puppies in the cover near the river. Unfortunately, 6 puppies died within very short time. Perhaps, killed by hyenas or lions. They have been at Londroh for nearly the whole month of December and lives in the holes closer to the main road giving clients chance to see one of the most rare predator on earth.

LIONS[ PANTHERA LEO] Towards the end of this month a pride of five lions moved to the camp area of Lorugurug to join another pride of seven lions that has made this area it’s territory. One morning we woke up to kill of zebra very close to staff tents. No noises were heard at night, the pride of five lions were there eating. It was almost magic especially to one client who is been on two days game drives and not seen lions. On that same day evening the other pride appeared and were found at the last turn to the camp, while the other pride were heard roaring in the thickets nearby. The camp was surrounded by lions for almost whole week. Other sightings are lioness at Ngerenyi area, lioness eating warthog at elephant dam, three lioness at junction to Kicheche and at Sweetwaters area.

CHEETAH [ACINONYX JUBATUS] Mother cheetah that had five cubs and are seven months old, lost one more baby after the death of one baby when they were very young. It later move from the Scot and Gatune plains to first at Londro plain and later to Sweetwaters plains , especially at Kongoni plain. We found her on several occasion trying to hunt gazelles for her cubs. One female cheetah was found eating baby gazelle on the plain close to camp and was chased by hyena and jackals that appeared immediately. The other sighting was two cheetahs at chui Hill and were seen at night drive, 3 days later the famous Ngerenyi coalition of 3 males were found at the same area with bellies full. This group had move far from their usual hunting blocks and I do not see any resistance here since they are too big and many in coalition. Other sighting has been one male usually found at Morani plain or Murera Mbili near junction ten.

RHINOS [DICEROS BICONIS AND CEROTOTHERIUM SIMUM] As I mention earlier black rhinos are sometimes seen at our watering hole in the early morning or in the late evening sometimes, just after buffaloes had left. The White rhinos can easily be found at the plain near Morani , Serat, Oryx, Zebra, and Kongoni plains. Other black rhinos sightings are in different parts of the conservancy and guest have had good sightings of them.

ELEPHANTS [LOXODONTA AFRICANA] These are great show in most parts of the conservancy and especially on the eastern and southern parts that receive good rainfalls. Elephants can also be viewed at marsh area as they come to drink and cool themselves . Individual males comes to camp at night and leave their droppings as sign of their presence and are seen at times by our clients. In our night drives we were lucky to see aardvark on one day, white tail mongoose, genet cat and zorilla. In most of the day drives one will not miss to see giraffes, buffaloes, imapalas, Jackson hartebeest, Grevvy and Burchells zebras, water bucks, steenbok, elands, oryx, olive baboons e.t.c.

Have good and prosperous new year 2013, Best regards, Daniel Mamai.

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