Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Classic Africa Safaris - Ebola Update

Please find the most recent update from Classic Africa Safaris Uganda on the current ebola outbreak in Uganda. Please refer to the WHO for continual updates.

What is Ebola?

The Ebola virus is a lethal virus that causes hemorrhagic fevers which are marked by severe bleeding and organ failure. Humans contract the virus from infected animals, often from eating bush meat. Transmission from person to person is relatively difficult because the infected person does not become contagious until they develop symptoms. The disease is spread from person to person by contact with the infected person’s bodily fluids or contaminated needles.

Prevention of Ebola:
Wash your hands frequently.
Avoid eating bush meat
Avoid contact with infected people
Don’t handle remains.

The current situation  of the Ebola outbreak in Uganda: there appears to be a certain level of miscommunication amongst the international news regarding the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. Please find below the current situation of the Ebola outbreak:

(1) All infections to date have occurred in the Kibaale District.
(2) The number of cases has increased during the past few days, but the outbreak is still limited to the region of Kibaale - WHO.
(3) 36 suspected or confirmed cases. All of the cases are in the Kibaale District - WHO.
(4) One infected person travelled to a hospital in Kampala, triggering reports that the Ebola outbreak had
spread to the capital. There have been no signs that people in Kampala have been infected - WHO.
(5) There have been 14 new suspected cases (mostly health workers) - 3 are being treated in Mulago Hospital in Kampala. These 3 patients have also been transferred from the Kibaale District - WHO.
(6) All medical personnel who have been in contact with the patients in Mulago Hospital, Kampala are in quarantine.
(7) WHO does not recommend any travel or trade restrictions are applied to Uganda.
Please consult the World Health Organisation website for up to date and correct information on the Ebola situation in Uganda. Their website is
We have been in contact with all of the lodges and they have assured us that they have proactively sensitized their staff thoroughly about Ebola and the outbreak. No staff members have been allowed to go
on leave since the outbreak occurred. Staff members are from the local community and all have agreed
not to travel outside the local area until the situation passes.

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