Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Murchison Falls National Park to Fort Portal

In the morning we headed back into the park to visit the top of Murchison Falls and hike down to the river bank (it was quite the haul and a good warm-up for gorilla trekking!). The view from the top of the Falls is quite stunning and really provides scope to the amount of water that is flowing over.

All said and done we spent about an hour and a half at the Falls before continuing out of the park along the Albertine Rift and through through Budongo Forest. The drive from Murchison Falls to Fort Portal is normally about 8 hours and is not done on the same day as the Falls visit.

Unfortunately, the rains had been so heavy in preceding days that the normal/direct route to Fort Portal was impassable due to a flooded bridge so we had to backtrack towards Kampala. The road conditions were quite poor and we arrived Kyaninga Lodge very late at night.

Throughout the entire day, our guide, Denis, was an excellent driver and constantly updated us with facts and history of the areas we were traveling through (such as the place Hemingway’s plane crashed – for the 2nd time!) and the tribes/people in that region. Denis even told us personal stories about his family and their story. He is one of CAS’s senior guides and it shows!

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