Friday, January 6, 2012

Gorilla Groups in Uganda

Just this last November, I was lucky enough to experience my second gorilla trekking expedition, this time to Uganda with Classic Africa Safaris. Trekking the Habinyanja group was certainly challenging, but the pay off was incredible! The H group (see below for details) is a family of 17 with a dominant silver back and is located on the Buhoma side of Bwindi IFNP. This means that travelers based at Gorilla Forest Camp, Mahogany Springs or Buhoma Lodge would have the option of trekking the H group. The gorilla groups certainly do not stay put for every long and in November they were high on the mountain about an hours' drive from the park headquarters in Buhoma. Stay tuned for more details on my trekking experience later this month in my full Uganda trip report.

Gorilla Groups - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Uganda

Mubare Group - Buhoma/GFC side:

Dominant Silverback, Black-back, 1 Adult Females, and 2 Juveniles.(5 members)

Rushegura Group—Buhoma/GFC side:
(21 members)
Dominant Silverback, Black-back, 5 Adult Females, 2 sub-Adults, 6 Juveniles, 6 Infants.

Habinyanja Group - Buhoma/GFC side:
(17 members)
Dominant Silverback, 5 Adult Females, 3 sub-Adults, 2 Juveniles, 6 Infants.

Bitukura Group - Ruhijha:
(13 members)
Dominant Silverback, 3 sub-Silverbacks, 2 Black-backs, 3 Adult Females, 1 Juveniles, 3

Oruzogo Group—Ruhijha:
(23 members)
Dominant Silverback, 1 sub-Silverback, 5 Black-backs, 7 Adult Females, 4 Juveniles, 5

Nkuringo Group - Kisoro/Clouds side:
(17 members)
Dominant Silverback, 3 sub-Silverbacks, 3 Black-backs, 3 Adult Females, 3 Juveniles, 4

Nshongi Group - Kisoro/Clouds side:
(21 members)
Dominant Silverback, 2 sub-Silverback, 3 Black-backs, 6 Adult Females, 6 Juveniles, 3

Mishaya Group - Kisoro/Clouds side:
(7 members)
Dominant Silverback, 2 Adult Females, 1 sub-Adult, 3 Infants

Kahungye Group – Kisoro/Clouds side:
(24 members)
Dominant Silverback, 2 sub-Silverbacks, 3 Black-backs, 4 Adult Females, 3 sub-Adults,
7 Juveniles, 4 Infants.

Photos copyright Lyndsay Harshman/The Kusini Collection

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