Thursday, November 3, 2011

Murchison Falls NP

We arrived Murchison Falls NP yesterday evening after crossing the Victoria Nile by ferry boat just before sunset - hippos making a big fuss the whole way across. The Paraa Safari Lodge is set on the top of the hill overlooking the Nile - stunning view. The lodge has 52 rooms, a large dining area, several bars (including one pool-side), pool table, small business center and conference room. The pool is quite nice and the swim-up bar almost seems like it should belong in Mexico rather than Uganda!

The rooms all face the river, some have better views than others, but all with private balconies. Bathrooms are en suite with a shower and the rooms, a tad small, have a chair and table, plus a writing desk. The linens are a bit outdated, but it is all quite clean and offers everything a traveler would need.
Dinner was a buffet with a wide variety of salads, fresh bread, soup, lamb, chicken, fish and a full dessert selection - all very tasty. I had a gin & tonic with Bombay Sapphire, which was quite nice, but the house wine at dinner was marginal at best.

We headed out at 7am this morning for a game drive towards the Albert Nile Delta. Right off the bat we saw large herds of Hartebeest, a journey of Rothschild giraffe, large buffalo herd (which Denis our guide explained was actually quite small by Murchison standards), water buck, patas monkeys and a whole smattering of birds. Continuing on, we came upon a kill (from earlier in the morning), which was being picked at by a tawny eagle. In the distance two jackals were chasing an immature Bateleur eagle. Apparently the lions who were responsible for the kill were hiding out in the area, but we didn't see them. It was a great sighting! The excellent game viewing continued with several herds of elephant, Cob, oribi and a large flock of crowned crane.

We drove down to the edge of the Albert Nile to see the hippos pods and the views of the Imaginary Blue Mountains of the Congo in the distance. The topography was quite varied, beautiful palm groves, acacia forest (perfect for leopard!) and the swampy wetlands of the Delta. It was quite impressive and I would highly recommend Murchison Falls. We're headed out now to enjoy an afternoon private boat launch to the base of the Falls...

Photos copyright Lyndsay Harshman

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