Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kenya: Report from the Bush

Dr. Mohanjeet Brar, commercial director at Gamewatchers Safaris, headed out from the head office last week for a bit of time in the Kenyan bush. It ended up being a rather fruitful adventure in terms of game viewing! Read on!

"I was at Ol Kinyei last week for a night at our new Adventure Mobile Camping with 9 guests, 7 of whom had also come from our Selenkay Adventure Mobile Camp.

The wildlife viewing in our Ol Kinyei Conservancy is superb and the continued rains have kept the area very green, the gazelles and impala's having a lot of young and all the wildlife including the big cats are looking very healthy. The guest at Porini Mara and at the Ol Kinyei adventure camping have been enjoying excellent game viewing and in the short time I was there (taking just an afternoon and morning game drive) we came across one of our resident cheetah's who was looking very full from a recent kill (I found out later that clients from Porini Mara actually saw her on the kill earlier in the day) and we watched her for about 20 minutes as she walked up into the hills. We then proceeded on our game drive seeing a lot of plains game.

Our guides suddenly noticed a male impala looking up into the thickets and we knew there was something there. We approached slowly and noticed it was 3 female lionesses from our resident pride coming out for the evening. Before long we realized they were wanting to hunt and had their eyes set on a small herd of about 10 wildebeest that were about 100 metres behind us. The lionesses split up, crouched down and starting

stalking the wildebeest and then one of them charged out towards the wildebeest that scattered in fright and a few were herded towards one of the other lionesses who by now had also rushed. The 2 lionesses then instinctively focused on one wildebeest which they pounced on as it jumped down into the riverine. They got it by the throat as it was trying to get up the other bank and pulled it down into the shallow river. All this happened in a few quick minutes and was a remarkable sight that unfolded right in front of us.

After they had they killed the wildebeest one of the lionesses then left and went back up the kill to get her cubs and the rest of the pride all came down about 20 minutes later. All 18 lions including 2 different age sets of cubs came down for the feast and caused a huge commotion. The dominant male of the pride, Kararei, was not there and I was told he's been away from the pride for a few days.

During this same evening clients from Porini Mara also saw one of our resident leopards stalking and hunting for over 45 minutes, he wasn't successful this time in his hunt.

This is in addition to seeing elephants, buffalo, herds of over 40 giraffes and a lot of wildebeest and plains game, as well as excellent bird sightings.

The next morning we got up early and left the camp by 6.15 and came across these 2 beautiful male lions (sons of Kararei) who have been kicked out of the pride. We also saw another cheetah and 2 lionesses that morning and headed back to camp at 8am for breakfast before I left...



Photos by Mohanjeet Brar

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