Friday, April 22, 2011

Porini Camps in AFAR Magazine

The Porini Camps of Kenya and Gamewatchers Safaris were featured in this issue of AFAR magazine as a Good Trips outfitter! Editor Jennica Peterson spent 7 days on safari in Kenya learning about Gamewatchers social, cultural and wildlife-oriented conservation efforts. Here's an excerpt from her article:

"In a 4x4 vehicle driven by our guide, Harry Maina, a group of five other travelers and I rumble toward a riverbed in the 15,000-acre Selenkay Conservancy in southeastern Kenya. Rain had just begun to splatter on the Land Rover's rooftop a few minutes ago, as we spotted a herd of giraffes, some so tall they reached the highest branches of the flat-topped acacia trees...It has started to pour, but we'd convinced Harry that we still want to walk with the Masai to their village, as planned...One of the Masai, Jonah Karasinka Maai, works for Gamewatchers Safaris, the outfitter I've joined for this seven-day trip to some of Kenya's most spectacular natural areas, including Amboseli National Park and the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Jonah is wearing sandals made out of strips of tire - "Four-by-fours!" he jokes...As we walk, I recognize that this simple idea of cultural exchange is part of a much larger shift in the way a new generation of safari companies is doing business." Read the complete article here.

Photo courtesy Gamewatchers Safaris.

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