Thursday, January 13, 2011

FAQ on Zim: Zimbabwe Fact Sheet

As Zimbabwe begins to further develop and re-enter the tourism market, agents and travelers alike have questions regarding safety and security, electronic communications, standard of hotels and lodges, visa costs, road conditions and more. After an extensive research trip through Zimbabwe that covered 2,000 kms and countless hotels, camps, lodges and wildlife areas, New Frontiers Tours and Travel has complied this extremely helpful fact sheet on travel in Zimbabwe.

Frequently asked questions regarding travel in Zimbabwe:

Will there be ample food and fuel available while I am on safari? Yes! Fuel is readily available throughout the country. If clients are on a self-drive tour, petrol runs at about $1.20 per litre. There are no food shortages to speak of while on safari in Zimbabwe. Food in restaurants tends to be safe rather than adventurous, and meat is generally of mediocre quality. Freshwater fish tends to be better. It is often better to stick to simpler dishes, such as lasagna and stews.

Will my Blackberry work in Zimbabwe? Yes, your phone will work as cell phone coverage is widespread, but you will NOT be able to view/receive emails on it as the technology for data communication does not yet exist. WiFi is available in some of the better hotels, but internet connection is slow.

What inoculations are required? No inoculations are required. There is malaria risk in the west of the country, and especially in the Zambezi Valley (Victoria Falls, Bumi Hills and Mana Pools). There is low malaria risk on the eastern side on the border with Mozambique.

For more helpful info on traveling in Zimbabwe, including safety, tipping and weather, read our complete Zimbabwe fact sheet here or contact the Kusini Collection for more information. If you'd like to book your client's safari to Zimbabwe, contact New Frontiers Tours.

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